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January 14, 1999

Members Present: Carol Drum, Carol Turner, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Dorothy Hope, Erich Kesse, Marcia Pearce, Martha Hruska, Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Carolyn Henderson Allen, John Ingram, Jan Swanbeck, Frank Di Trolio, Barbara Oliver, Erica Hirsch for Pam Cenzer, Rob Roberts

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas
Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

1. Status Report on Current Search Committee

Erica Hirsch reported the progress of several searches.
2. Holiday Party
Gary Cornwell reported that several staff members had suggested having the annual holiday party planned by a different department each year.  Erich Kesse said one thing he liked about the current arrangements is that it brings people together from different departments to help plan. Several people suggested having the entertainment portion of the event rotated to different departments, but still have the nomination and presentation of awards as a library-wide function.  After discussion, it was decided to leave the party planning as it is.
3. Call for Public Forums
Trudi said that the LMG Proposal stated that department heads were responsible for creating a forum to be held quarterly. She asked for ideas for future forums.

Marcia Pearce volunteered to conduct a forum on development.  Jan Swanbeck said that by fall, Documents will have GIS, which will add new services to the department. Martha Hruska also suggested a forum on the grants process.

4. Division Reports

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