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JUNE 22, 2000

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas
Meeting Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

1. Goals and Objectives

The group discussed the Librariesí 2000-2001 Goals and Strategies. The following changes were suggested: After the discussion, the document was finalized. It will be placed on the web.
2. Travel Guidelines
The professional development travel allocation was distributed. Junior tenure track librarians have high priority for these funds.
3. SUS Meeting Report
4. Carry Forward Funds
The library received $569,000 in carry-forward funds.  The allocation hasnít been discussed yet. Dale would like to allocate $100,000 for books.  A high priority will be to use some of the funds to expand the security system.
5. ECC report
John Ingram reported on the ECC committee meeting. The renewal requests paid for with FCLA funds have been approved, with the exception of PsychInfo. Bell and Howell did a presentation that discussed their digital vault, which stores about 5.5 billion pages of information. Gale discussed their new products, including One File, which does searches across vendor boundaries.
6. Library West Building Progress
The building group is meeting weekly to put a building plan together by the end of October. The plan is for a 100,000 square-foot stack with compact shelving, which would take care of space needs for 10 years and eliminate the LAD.
7. Safety Committee Update
Cathy Mook said the safety committee is putting a telephone tree together that can be taken home and used during an emergency. They also discussed gathering disaster supplies for books. They requested managers solicit volunteers for CPR training to allow for a CPR certified staff member in each location.
8. Identification of Corporations to Invite to Corporate Leaders Weekend
Marcia Pearce said that Corporate Leaders weekend would be held in February. The weekend attracts private investment. She asked for ideas of corporate contacts to invite to the weekend. The following were suggested:
Art George & Associates
CRC Press
Shelf Office Supply
Xerox Business Services
Bell & Howell
Chemical Abstract Services
Cox Cable
9. Division Reports

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