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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Agenda - April 18, 2011, 10:00am

Library East  Room 1A

Call for Nominations

Our slate of nominees as it stands (based on the work of the nominations/LFA executive committee) prior to the final call for nominations at LFA:

1. T&P committee (3 year term):
Pat Reakes (expect UL rank 7/1)
Tara Cataldo (assoc.)
Carl Van Ness (expect UL rank 7/1)

2. Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee (2 year term):
Vernon Kisling
David Hickey
Peter Bushnell
Michele Tennant

3. Sabbatical Committee (3 year term):
Jim Cusick
John Nemmers

4. LFA:
Matt Loving (Chair Elect, term cycle of 3 years)
Missy Clapp (Secretary, 1 year term)

Reports and Updates

College Coucil Chairs Meeting

Professional Development Travel Program

UFF and pending state legislation

Libraries' Market Equity Adjustment Plan

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