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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Archive: 2005-2006

Faculty Senators this year are Naomi Young, Joe Aufmuth, Cathy Martyniak and Michele Tennant

The 2005-2006 Tenure and Promotion Guidelines are available. (PDF)

Schedule of 'Governance at the Library/Faculty Assembly' Series for 2005-2006

This is a series of nine meetings envisioned by the Library Senators with the dual purpose of gathering feedback on University wide Senate issues and allowing a face to face forum where all Library Faculty can explore Governance issues. (PDF)

In November of 2005, a tentative name of Libraries Faculty Assembly (LFA) was proposed to more clearly describe the function of the meeting.

A small group was formed in November of 2005 to explore possible shared faculty governance models for the Libraries at UF. This group of faculty, consisting of 10 volunteers, will meet over the course of the 2005-2006 school year outlining possible structures for a governance group. The group is called the Faculty Governance Working Group (FGWG) and reports to the LFA

2005-2006 Library Faculty Assembly Documents
Agenda Documents Minutes
    Minutes - 09/26/05
    Minutes - 10/17/05
    Minutes - 11/14/05
Agenda - 12/12/05   Minutes - 12/12/05
    Minutes - 01/26/06
    Minutes - 02/13/06
Agenda - 03/20/06 By-Laws - Draft 1 Minutes - 03/20/06
Agenda - 04/17/06 SGI summary document Minutes - 04/17/06
Agenda - 05/15/06 By-Laws - Draft 2 Minutes - 05/15/06
Agenda - 06/19/06 By-Laws - Draft 3 Minutes - 06/19/06

2005-2006 Faculty Governance Working Group Documents

General results from the 2005 Faculty survey have been released and can be found on the web page of the Office of the President.

**Please note that the comments were not purchased by the University.**

Faculty Senate-Presidential Task Force on the Implementation of Shared Governance Structure web page for 2005-2006

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