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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Career Development Committee


Coordinate library policies and practices that pertain to faculty career development; assist the Employee Relations and Development Coordinator with promotion/tenure support and training for faculty; develop and maintain policies on faculty recruitment, evaluation, promotion, tenure, sabbatical/professional development leaves, mentoring and professional development; develop and maintain the Career Development Handbook and other professional development guidelines and resources for faculty; and ensure that library faculty career development policies and practices best serve the faculty and conform to relevant university rules and relevant UFF-UF rules for in unit faculty.


  • Appointed by the UFLFA Chair in consultation with the other officers
  • 2-3 past Chairs (or tenured past members) of the Tenure and Promotion Committee, the Sabbatical Committee and the Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee.
  • 2-3 individuals who will be responsible for faculty support and training.
  • Libraries Human Resources Director, Ex Officio
  • Employee Relations and Development Coordinator, Ex Officio

Current Members

Rich Bennett Chair
Cecilia Botero  
Michelle Foss  
Jimmie Lundgren  
Jan Swanbeck  
Brian Keith Ex Officio
Bonnie Smith Ex Officio


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