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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis


  1. To establish a market equity design for library faculty that would allow for the implementation of an internally and externally equitable salary structure for all faculty positions at the Smathers Libraries.
  2. To establish policies and procedures for individual Smathers faculty to apply for market equity adjustments.

Current Members

Betsy Simpson Chair
Alena Aissing  
Ellie Bushhousen  
David Hickey  
Ann Lindell  
Ben Walker  
Brian Keith Ex Officio
Kim Schares UF-HR Ex Officio
Christopher Valladingham Ex Officio


LFA Strategic Planning Committee Market Salary Equity Recommendations (4/16/07)

Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Annual Salary Survey 2007-2008

Peer Institution Comparison Chart


Market Equity Design for Smathers Libraries (Final Report)

Market Equity Spreadsheet (Charts 1 and 2 - Final Report)

Faculty Salary Equity Data Survey


March 31, 2009 (Report)

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