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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - September 26, 2005: 2:00-3:00pm

University Auditorium

(From a 9/27 email to all Librarians)

We wanted to let you know that the first meeting in the 'Governance at the Libraries' series, with special guest Faculty Senate Chair Kim Tanzer, went very well yesterday. Kim spoke about the process of establishing shared governance here at UF. She gave some history and background to the process including the contributions made by President Young and now President Machen. She particularly mentioned a Joint Presidential-Faculty Senate Task Force that met during the summer of 2003 to outline the issue and make some recommendations. ( See page at for more details) . Three 'levels' of shared governance between the Administration and Faculty were outlined in the final report of the Joint Task Force, including determination, recommendation and consultation. [The final report was published in November of 2003.] She gave specific examples of all three kinds of shared governance that she has witnessed personally over the last year, including the recent changes to the T&P process (as an example of determination), the decision not to allow the city of Gainesville to use the Natural Teaching area as a road (as an example of recommendation) and Faculty Senate input on the hiring of Jane Adams (as an example of consultation).

The UF Board of Trustees affirmed their support of the concept of shared governance and the details of the TF final report in December of 2003.

A second joint Presidential-Faculty Senate task force on shared governance, with a goal of spelling out details regarding actual implementation strategies, has been formed. (Details at This group will work during 2005-2006. Updates on the progress of this group will be provided to the Library Faculty throughout the course of the year. After Kim finished her prepared remarks, she answered numerous audience questions.

Next, Patrick Reakes outlined the process underway at the College of Journalism and Communication to update/upgrade their Administrative Council to allow for fuller Faculty participation. A group of College of Journalism faculty members called the College of Journalism and Communications Shared Governance Committee are leading this process. Their web site is at Patrick will get back with us regarding the details of how that group was initially formed. Finally, there were a few minutes for general conversation.

The next meeting in the "Governance at the Libraries" series will be Monday, October 17th from 2 to 3:30 in the Library East Conference Room.


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