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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - November 14, 2005: 2:00pm

Legal Information Center

Attendance: 20 (including three library senators)

Michele Tennant introduced the senators in attendance (Naomi Young, Joe Aufmuth, herself) and provided an overview of the meeting agenda.

The minutes of October 17, 2005 were approved.

Senate Update

Naomi provided a recap of the Faculty Senate meeting of October 20. Minutes are available at

Naomi reported that the Associate Dean fror Academic Affairs in Engineering met with Kim Tanzer to discuss the ABC nuclear reactor story, and that UF is safe. Naomi also reported that the "Shared Governance Task Force" is continuing to work on the principles for shared faculty governance.

The most controversial aspect of the past senate meeting was the vote to change the accepted "pass" grade in general education courses to a "C" or better. The vote was quite close, with the losing side claiming that the counters did not accurately count (note - such detailed information is not included in the official senate minutes). The faculty who objected to the vote count did not protest at the right time or in the right form for the vote to be retaken (at least not at that senate meeting).

Preview of November Senate Meeting

Joe provided a preview of the Faculty Senate agenda for November 17. Agenda available at

Two items of discussion from the agenda: Kim Tanzer is expected to briefly discuss the library/coffee bar issue. Dale has proposed that Starbucks share the profits with the library, and that Starbucks maintain the building space and pay costs associated with such. There were many question asked concerning where the coffee bar will be, how many access points, etc. (answers to most of these questions were not known). The majority of the assembled faculty went on record as supporting Dale's proposal.

Michele introduced the proposed Genetics PhD degree, which will be voted on at the senate meeting. She also indicated that many programs at the Health Science Center get approved without input from the library concerning how the program will impact the library, even though she thought that there was some stage during the proposal process that this is supposed to be addressed by the proposal submitter. Several librarians indicated that this also occurs at Smathers. Michele will follow-up with the leader of the genetics proposal to determine at what level and at what stage in the process library impact is considered (if it is at all). She will report at a future faculty assembly.

Old business

Michele presented the list of volunteers for the newly formed Governance Group. Volunteers include: Carl Van Ness (Special Collections), Chelsea Dinsmore (Government Documents), Michelle Foss (Access Services/ILL), Ellie Goodwin (HSCL), David Hickey (Special Collections), Cecilia Botero (HSCL), Carol Kem (Collection Management) and Joshua Greben (FCLA). These individuals reflect a diverse collection in terms of location, tenure-track versus non-tenure track, and career stage.

Michele called for additional volunteers (following the meeting, Ed Hart (LIC) and Vernon Kisling (Collecton Management - Science) both volunteered.) The first meeting of the Governance Group will be Thursday, November 17, from 1:00-2:00.

New Business

From the floor - a question concerning the faculty survey - where are the results, and how will the results be used by the library. It was determined that this would be a good agenda item for the newly created Governance Group.

Marina Salcedo briefly discussed the Public Relations and Marketing Committee, which will be making a presentation to the Library Counsel in January. The LIC is currently represented in the group working on the presentation; the HSCL will add a member to the presentation group as well.

Michele noted that the HSCL (and the LIC?) are not on the same e-mail appointment system as Smathers, so Smathers folks are not able to see their appointments (and vice versa). When scheduling meetings, it is usually necessary to call or e-mail to find available dates prior to setting the schedule.

Naomi noted that the library senators (and particularly Cathy Martyniak) are working to sort out library e-mail lists and to determine who is actually supposed to be represented by the library senators.

Meeting adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 3:24; next meeting to be held December 12, from 2:00-3:30, Reitz Union Room 349 (note - this is a new location).

Joe Aufmuth

Michele Tennant

Naomi Young

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