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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - November 17, 2005

Faculty Governance Working Group

Conference Room, Library East


Ellie Goodwin (HSCL), Chelsea Dinsmore, David Hickey, Cecelia Botero (HSCL), Vernon Kisling, Michelle Foss, Carl Van Ness, and Senators Cathy Martyniak and Michele Tennant (NOTE: Staff from Law and FCLA indicated in interest in participating but were unable to attend.)

Meeting Minutes:

This group is composed of individuals who volunteered to explore the idea of shared faculty governance amongst the Libraries (Health, Law and Smathers) at the University of Florida. Senators Cathy Martyniak and Michele Tennant provided some brief introductory comments. (Senators Joe Aufmuth and Naomi Young were unable to attend.) This smaller group will be asked to report back to the all Faculty gathering as progress is made.

Cathy outlined a possible course of action for the group. She suggested looking at the 3 Library web sites linked to on the UF Faculty Governance web site ( Examining the Constitutions and By Laws of those other ARL Libraries might give the group some ideas about what could work at UF. A question was raised whether Health and Law Librarians were included in the governance structures of those other schools. Cathy also mentioned a point made by University Senate Chair Kim Tanzer about different levels/kinds of interact between Faculty and the Administration of the College(s).

Michele asked that the group carefully consider which topics might fall clearly within shared faculty governance (for example Tenure and Promotion), which ones would have to be discussed at each individual Library (for example, anything to do with money or budgets) and which ones might not be so easy to determine on the spectrum.

At that point, discussion was opened to the floor. Discussion was wide ranging and vigorous. Many different points of view were expressed and several ideas for organizing the next steps of the group were presented. No conclusions were reached by the end of the hour. Two suggestions were made. One was to change the name of the larger Faculty gathering from Governance at the Libraries to the Faculty Assembly. The other suggestion was to mix up the times and days of the Faculty Assembly in 2006 so that a more varied group of people could attend. Michele and Cathy agreed to take these suggestions into consideration.

The group decided that it wanted to meet again, face to face, within a few weeks to continue the discussion. A key topic for the next agenda includes a name for the group.

Respectfully Submitted: Cathy Martyniak, November 23rd, 2005
Approved December 1st, 2005
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