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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - December 13, 2005

Faculty Governance Working Group

Room 308, Marston Science Library


Cathy Martyniak, Michele Foss, Carol Kem, Vernon Kisling, Ed Hart (LIC), Cecelia Botero (HSC), Chelsea Dinsmore, Joe Aufmuth

Meeting Minutes:

Carol Kem will look for a more modern version of the Roberts/Sturgis meeting requirements for institutions to get a structure in place and to give authority to our working group.

Discussion of how to develop by-laws to present to the faculty assembly, which includes a slate of officers candidates.

Discussion regarding the issue revolving around HSCL as they report to the SVP of HSC, not directly to the provost.

Discussion regarding how to establish a Constitution. Carol Kem suggested that the constitution be very general, have a broad set of principles. She also provided an explanation of by-laws, and the library should write the by-laws in such a way that that they can be amended if need be. Carol Kem recommends a "generic" or simplified constitution that should be a view in to the future of the libraries. Two extreme examples were discussed: journalism and education.

Carol Kem recommends that a small group be formed to work on the Consitution and to look at examples of other libraries and other colleges on campus.

Discussion ensued on the definition of the HSCL and if they are considered a departmental library.

Carol Kem suggested that the group think about a slate of candidates for the working group, such as a Chair and secretary. The Chair needs to appoint a Constitution or By-laws committee.

Next meeting is Tues. Jan. 17 th at the HSCL from 9:30-11am.

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