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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - January 26, 2006: 3:00-4:30pm

Room L107, Marston Science Library

Joe Aufmuth called the meeting to order.

Carl van Ness moved that Carol Kem be designated Interim Chair of the Faculty Assembly and David Hickey seconded the motion. There were no additional nominations and the motion passed unanimously.

Carol stated that the first order of business was to select a secretary. David Hickey moved that Chelsea Dinsmore be designated Interim Secretary for the Faculty Assembly and Carol van Ness seconded the motion. There were no additional nominations and the motion passed unanimously.

The Chair then asked for a discussion or statement of purpose for the Faculty Assembly. David Hickey motioned that the following resolution be accepted:

Resolved: It is the sense of this meeting that a University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly should be formed.

Peter Bushnell seconded the motion.

Discussion followed about the scope of the group. It was stated for the record that by using the plural "libraries" the resolution was meant to include all library groups on campus, not just the Smathers group-Health, Law, and FCLA are included in the group. Also that the term faculty is meant to include both tenure and non-tenure accruing positions.

Vernon Kisling called the question. Joe Aufmuth seconded the question. The resolution was read a second time and put to vote. The motion passed unanimously.

The next order of business was to prepare a by-laws document. The Chair appointed a By-Laws committee with the following librarians:

  • Cecelia Botero
  • Vernon Kisling
  • Carl van Ness
  • Ed Hart
  • Unnamed FCLA appointment

The By-Laws committee is charged with creating a By-Laws document for the UF Libraries Faculty Assembly (LFA). They will make reports of their progress at the regularly scheduled Faculty Assembly meetings.

It was pointed out that because the Faculty Assembly and its committees deal with governance issues, they fall under the Sunshine laws for public meetings. Meetings for the Assembly and committees will be posted in the designated spot on the Smathers Libraries webpage, or other designated location. 72 hour notice is suggested.

Cathy Martyniak then presented a report on the December Faculty Senate Meeting. The minutes of that meeting are available at

Michele Tennant presented the minutes from the January Faculty Senate Meeting. The minutes of that meeting will be available soon at

Joe Aufmuth then reported on the Starbucks @ the Library issue. No agreement has been reached between the administration and the libraries and the library's proposal on the issue [see Cafe Partner Agreement] has been referred to the Budget Policy Council.

Joe also reported that the Smathers materials budget is down about $500,000 due to a change in the way that Division of Sponsored Research distributes infrastructure funds from grant monies.

Finally, Joe pointed out that it would be useful for library faculty to keep an eye on the minutes from the University Libraries Committee. The Fall 2005 Semester report is now available

Cathy Martyniak and Carol Kem reported that they have written an article on library funding, comparing UF to certain top ARL schools. The report will be in the upcoming Library News newsletter and will also be submitted to the Faculty Senate for inclusion in the monthly Academics newsletter.

The floor was then opened for questions and discussion. The question was raised about a means for faculty to express opinions and ask questions prior to the by-laws being completed. The Chair explained that the monthly assembly meetings were the perfect place to express opinions and concerns, even without the by-laws in place. It is expected that the library administration will promptly begin working through the LFA.

A motion was made instructing the Chair to send out a general announcement regarding the formation of the LFA to all members of the library community as well as send individual announcements to the directors of the different library units on campus.

The motion was seconded and pass unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 4:25pm

Next meeting will be Monday, February 13th, 2pm, in HSC, Room C3-72.

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