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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - February 13, 2006: 2:00-3:30pm

Room C-372, Health Science Center Library

Chelsea Dinsmore called the meeting to order.

Joe Aufmuth moved that a change be made to the January 26, 2006, meeting minutes. On page 2 in the middle of the page, IRB was changed to the Division of Sponsored Research. Amendment was accepted, and minutes were approved.

The Agenda was approved without amendment.

Committee Reports:

Vernon Kisling presented the By-Laws Committee Report. A draft of the By-Laws will be sent to everyone for review prior to the March meeting and will be on the March meeting agenda for discussion.

Senate Reports:

Joe Aufmuth started a conversation about merit pay. After a lengthy discussion, he made a motion instructing the Chair to form a committee to study the issue and create a draft merit pay plan to present to the LFA and then to the administration. The motion was seconded.

Discussion regarding the formation of the Compensation Committee commenced. Cathy Mook-Martyniak suggested Chelsea Dinsmore email the Librarians to see if anyone would like to be on the Compensation Committee. Chelsea Dinsmore agreed to do this. Then motion was then passed unanimously.

Joe Aufmuth also spoke about the Senate Proposal for the café in Library West. The proposal has been presented to the Academic Infrastructure Committee and will move onto the Budget Council meeting, at which Bill Covey and Blake Landor will be present. There is concern about whether the Libraries will make any profit from the café.

New Business:

Dale Canelas has asked the Faculty Assembly to put together a Nominating Committee, comprised of six members - Three Smathers, one Law, and one Health and one FCLA to present a ballot to fill the upcoming opening in the Faculty Senate. The Library Senate Nominating Committee will be a one-task committee until the By-Laws have been instated. At that time, the Nominating Committee will be revisited to possibly include Tenure & Promotion, Sabbatical, Senate, and other cross-divisional committees' nominating decisions. Cathy Mook-Martyniak moved to implement the Library Senate Nominating Committee. The motion was seconded and accepted unanimously.

Open Forum:

Faith Meakin asked about the Division of Sponsored Research allocations to the Smathers Libraries, commenting on the $500,000-$750,000 drop from last year's allocations. Joe Aufmuth recommended Faith Meakin speak to John Ingram regarding this issue.

Chelsea offered particular thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for taking notes.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15pm.

The proposed date for the next meeting is Monday, March 20.

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