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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - May 15, 2006: 2:00-4:00pm

Conference Room, Library East

Meeting called to order

Agenda approved with the provision that the administrative report would be given when Bill Covey arrived.

Minutes from the April 17, 2006 approved without amendment.

Chair's Report:

  • Blake Landor has been elected to the Senate Constitution Committee
  • Carol Kem has been reelected to the Senate Nominating Committee and reelected as Chair

Senate Update:

April's Faculty Senate Meeting Report -- Joe Aufmuth

The minutes of the April Faculty Senate meeting will be available at when they are posted. The highlights of the meetings were

  • Rick Yost will be the Chair Elect for the 2006-07 year. Danaya Wright is the incoming Chair for the 2006-07 year.
  • The Provost's report on the Library contained no additional information to what was provided in the March report.
  • The Senate adopted a resolution on the Implementation of Shared Governance Structure

May 4 special meeting on the Strategic Work Plan Resolution -- Cathy Martiniyak

Cathy has already sent out an explanation of what happened at this meeting. To summarize: the group decided not to wordsmith the document, but to have a task force work on a senate version of the plan which would then be used to negotiate a final draft with the President's office. Cathy sent a paragraph of replacement text to the task force and received a polite note that it was received. Updates will be issued as they are made available.

Administrative Report -- Bill Covey

  • May 26 is still the expected "hand-over" date. There will be a 30-day window after that where small details will be taken care of.
  • The move will commence on May 31st with Business Services and continue throughout June
  • Doors will open to the public on July 3 or July 5--not firm yet. This will be a soft open without hoopla. The Summer B time is meant to provide an opportunity for staff to test the building out and make adjustments before the deluge of Fall students.
  • Starbucks (tm) is still on hold. However they seem to have altered their plans to have a neon sign facing the Plaza, placing it in the library instead.
  • The colonnade will be kept, cleaned up, and made to look better.

Committee Reports

By-Laws Committee -- Vernon Kisling

  1. The issue of how often the LFA 'must' meet was raised. There is concern that requiring two meetings a year will lead to only having two meetings a year. A straw poll decided that the wording was sufficient.
  2. A lack of clarity regarding the means of interaction between the Assembly and the Library Administration was pointed out and will be addressed by the committee.
  3. The topic of the role of administrative faculty in the assembly was brought up. It was clarified that only faculty holding the title of director or associate director or similar are excluded from holding office in Assembly. Chairs are under no such embargo.
  4. Standing Committees were discussed at length. Concern was raised that presenting a set of committees to the Library Administration without prior discussion of how the faculty committees will fit into the structure of institutional committees might lead to either hostility or too many cooks syndrome. A straw poll went in favor of making the T&P committee a Special Committee rather than a standing committee, until it was worked out how to morph it into the Institutional T&P committee.

Discussion then turned to how the Assembly would proceed from here. It was decided that a vote on the by-laws, as they are presented at the next meeting, will take place. The vote will recognize that the by-laws are still in draft form. The By-Laws committee or it's representative and the Chair and Secretary will then send the draft by-laws (if approved) to the directors of the three libraries and ask for meetings to discuss the administrative input. Input will be shared with the Assembly, a new draft of the By-laws will be crafted and brought forward for comment and, after adequate time for comment and editing, will be brought again to the Assembly for a vote.

Cathy M. asked for a round of applause and thanks for the By-laws committee for their continued efforts on this difficult project.

New Business:

Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee--Brian Keith

Brian Keith brought to the Assembly's attention the need for a slate of nominees for a Smathers SPEP Committee. Information about this process is available at The library administration needs a list of 12 candidates (4 from each of the three Smathers divisions) by May 22. A paper ballot will then be taken to elect 6 members (2 from each division) to the committee. It was decided by the Assembly that, due to the time crunch, a call for volunteers for the slate would be made as soon as possible.

The Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will take place on June 19, 2006. Time and Place TBA.

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