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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - August 21, 2006: 2:00-3:00pm

Room 284, J.W. Reitz Union

The meeting was called to order at 2:00pm.

The agenda was approved

The Minutes of the June 16, 2006 meeting were approved

Chair's Report:

The Chair thanked the people who had agreed to appear on the ballots for the various offices and committees which the LFA is assuming responsibility for. The LFA will only succeed if everybody gets involved and takes a turn.

The Call for UF committee nominations will be going out soon. Service on these committees counts towards University service and also acts to promote the idea that librarians are an important and involved part of the UF community.

Administration Update

Report on administration retreat, July 17: On behalf of the LFA, Chelsea Dinsmore and Carol Kem attended the Smathers libraries' administrative planning retreat on July 17. Library wide goals were set for the 2006-07 year. The facilitator was amazed that the libraries actually achieved-or are in the process of achieving-all of the goals set for the 2005-06 year. This is practically unheard of and the entire library community was complimented for working so hard. Additional reports will be posted as they become available.

Senate Update

The 'College of Libraries' will be the focus of the first fall issue of the Senate Newsletter. This is a high profile opportunity for the libraries to promote our activities and accomplishments. If you have statistics, history tidbits or an outstanding library faculty member you feel should be highlighted in the spread, please contact Naomi Young, Joe Aufmuth, or Cathy Martyniak.

The Faculty Senate work year begins this Thursday, August 22 with the senate work day.

Shared Faculty Governance will continue to be a primary topic this year in the Faculty Senate.

The new draft of the University Work Plan has been released and contains a substantial improvement on the language concerning the libraries (page 11). The draft will be posted in various places in the near future. The text referring to the libraries appears at the end of these minutes.

Committee Reports

Ad Hoc Nominating Committee:

All of the current committees and offices being nominated for will be voted on by paper ballot. The nominations are as follows:

* 1 Year temporary Senate term:
  • Nancy Schaeffer-Health Sciences
  • Nita Ferree-Health Science
  • Ed Hart-LIC
  • Lelani Freund--Smathers
* 1 Year Nominating Committee
  • Health Science: Amy Buhler
  • Legal Information Center: Pam Williams
  • Smathers:
  • Public Services: Valrie Davis, Joe Aufmuth
  • Technical Services: Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren
  • Collection Management: Tara Cataldo, David Hickey
* Tenure and Promotion Committee (tenured faculty only with preference given to University Librarians-only tenured librarians will vote for this committee)
  • 1 Year Term (must be from Health Sciences): Cecelia Botero
  • 3 Year Term (must be from LIC): Robert Munro
  • 3 Year Term (Smathers): Ann Lindell-Smathers, Peter Bushnell-Smathers
Standing Rules Committee - Vernon Kisling presenting:

The committee is reviewing other sources for guidelines and best practices. Anybody interested in attending meetings and helping with the process should contact Vernon Kisling, Cecelia Botero, Carl van Ness, or Ed Hart for meeting times and locations.

Old Business:

The meeting schedule for 06/07 is as follows:
  • 09/18
  • 10/16
  • 11/20
  • 12/18
  • 01/08 (2nd M)
  • 02/19
  • 03/19
  • 04/16
  • 05/14 (2nd M; MLA 18-23)

Meetings will most likely take place from 2:00-3:30 and the locations will vary. However, every effort is being made to schedule the meetings this month, so that locations will be known well in advance.

New Business:

The ballot for 2006-07 UFLFA Officers will read as follows:

  • Carol Kem-Smathers
Chair Elect (to serve as chair in 2007-08 )
  • Joe Aufmuth-Smathers
  • Cecelia Botero-Health Sciences
  • David Hickey-Smathers
  • Pam Sherwill-Health Sciences

Carol McAuliffe, Flo Turcotte, and John Nemmers volunteered to be vote counters. Votes will be counted in MSL 107 at a time to be determined.

Member Comments:

Questions were raised about the time line of the committee voting-Every effort will be made to have all of the elections held and results announced by September 6th.

A question was raised about committee structure. The committees being addressed in this meeting are ones which the assembly shared responsibility for with administration and whose work for the year begins in the very near future. Assembly committees will be needed, but are being delayed until a better understanding of their function, and the standing rules, are in place.

The likelihood of shared governance workshops was discussed and it was agreed that they will happen. However, there is no specific information regarding time and place as of yet. The Senators will keep the assembly informed.


Next meeting: September 18, 2006

Text from the 2006-07 Strategic Work Plan for the University of Florida (8/15/06)


Special attention should be paid to the central libraries because they are the repository of research materials for the whole university. Despite the expansion of the Smathers Libraries, the space available at the main library facilities and at many branch libraries at the University of Florida compares unfavorably with top ten public AAU institutions, and the University of Florida lags behind peer AAU institutions in library collections, library physical amenities, library staffing, and specialized information services for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. The library is a partner in the research and IT enterprise and provides a variety of singularly important primary source and research materials that are of fundamental importance to the university's educational and research programs. The University of Florida must ensure that library resources meet the needs of students and faculty as a part of its overall strategy.

Goal: Given the central importance of the libraries to the research and teaching missions of the university, develop a separate strategic plan specifically devoted to long range planning to meet future needs for library resources and facilities and to bring library resources at the University of Florida in line with top ten public AAU universities.

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