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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - September 18, 2006: 3:00-4:00pm

Room 107, Marston Science Library

Meeting called to order at 3:07 PM.

The agenda was approved.

The Aug. 21 Meeting minutes were approved.

Chair's Report:

Carol Kem e-mailed the Directors cc Trudi DiTrolio requesting that group meetings not be scheduled at the same time as the Assemblies, sometime between 2 and 4 every third Monday of the month (with January and May the exceptions to this). The e-mail also welcomed any Administration Update during the standard Assembly meetings.

Administration Update

None at this meeting

Faculty Governance Update:

The Future of the Libraries Task Force is gathering information, per Michelle Tennant, one of two librarian representatives in this group headed by Will Harrison. Stephanie Haas is the other librarian. The TF will theoretically conclude by the end of fall term.

The LFA Chair stated Peggy Carr, the Chair of the Infrastructure Policy Council, has declared that the libraries constitute the first issue they want to review. This Senate group next meets Sep. 28 from 3 to 5 in Tigert 202. A joint meeting of the Policy Council on Infrastructure and the Library Committee (which focuses on Smathers Libraries, not Health or Law) has been suggested. The Assembly Chair will represent the library faculty at the 9-28 meeting.

Review of August Senate Meeting: Joe Aufmuth reported that the first meeting of the school year was mainly organizational. The Strategic Work Plan was supported: the Libraries portion of this document is available for review in the Aug. 21 Assembly minutes, clickable from the 8-21 minutes link at

Preview of September Senate meeting: Nancy Schaefer reported on select topics that are on the agenda for the next Faculty Senate meeting, including a constitutional item on senator replacements, moving the work of the secretary to the current administrative assistant, a curriculum change involving a proposed engineering joint degree with the University of the Virgin Islands, and the non-involvement of the Senate up to now in the CLAS 5-year Plan draft and implementation.

Committee Reports:

Standing Rules Committee: Ed Hart reported that Rules are currently being drafted, and within two weeks they should be ready for Assembly review. A link in an e-mail to the website containing the original draft was suggested as the preferred method of promulgation. Subsequent discussion can also be carried out on the library's BBS or via email. If it is deemed useful, comments may be posted on the website as well. Remarks can be submitted to Chelsea Dinsmore initially, for inclusion in the discussion section of that page; later David Hickey will be the contact person for this discussion. The goal for the structure to be in place is January 2007.

Nominations Committee: Chair Valrie Davis reported the Committee has three nominees for the Sabbatical Committee. Robena Cornwell, Colleen Seale and Priscilla Williams will be on the forthcoming ballot that will be sent to all sabbatical-eligible librarians. This is a three-year appointment for a tenured librarian. The Assembly Chair called for additional nominations from the floor; there were none.

Old Business:

Election Results:
1 Year Nominating Committee:
  • Health Science: Amy Buhler
  • Legal Information Center: Pam Williams
  • Smathers:
  • Public Services: Valrie Davis
  • Technical Services: Jason Fleming
  • Collection Management: Tara Cataldo
1 Year temporary Senate term:
  • Nancy Schaefer-Health Sciences
Tenure and Promotion Committee:
  • 1 Year term-Health Science: Cecelia Botero
  • 3 Year term-LIC: Robert Munro
  • 3 Year term-Smathers: Ann Lindell
UFLFA Officers:
  • Chair: Carol Kem
  • Chair-Elect: Joe Aufmuth
  • Secretary: David Hickey

Locations for the UFLFA meetings will alternate between MSL and Reitz Union, with a suggested Law and/or Health location at least once a year.

New Business:

Representatives from the Assembly are solicited to attend each of the Faculty Conversations put on by Debra Walker King of the Provost's Office. While the first of this series takes place on Sep. 19, a call will go out via e-mail for a volunteer to report on the Oct. 17 meeting at the next Assembly meeting. The 10-17 forum will run 8:30 - 3 at Emerson Hall. More information about these meetings can be found at

Dr. Joe Glover heads the Director Search Committee, with a membership largely from CLAS. Carol Drum is the campus librarian chosen to be on this Committee.

Carrie Newsom volunteered to be the Assembly Webmaster. Please e-mail her at with suggestions for making the Governance website better.


*Sep. 22nd Celebration of the 100 Years UF has been in Gainesville, University Auditorium, 10-11. University Historian Carl Van Ness presides. The public is invited.

*Sep. 28th Town Meeting, Friends of Music Room in University Auditorium, 1-3:30. Associate Provost Joe Glover, Chair, Director of Libraries Search Committee and Dean Will Harrison, Chair, Future of the Libraries Committee, will discuss the charges for both committees and the relationship between the two committees.

Next meeting: October 16, with a confirmed location pending (possibly Reitz 284).

Meeting adjourned 4 PM.

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