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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - October 16, 2006: 3:00pm

Room 284, J.W. Reitz Union

Meeting called to order at 3:00 PM.

The agenda was approved

The Sep. 18 minutes were approved

Chair's Report:

Carol Kem previewed the 10/17 Faculty Conversation on Implementing Shared Governance and the 11/15 Faculty Conversation about Faculty Diversity and Recruitment: please see

Administration update:


Senate Update:

Review of September Senate Meeting:

Joe Aufmuth reported that the main discussion focus was the CLAS Dean’s 5-year plan at the end of the summer, and its negative implications for faculty shared governance.

Preview of October Senate meeting:

Nancy Schaefer reported on the drafting of a CLAS faculty resolution that proposes tabling the original CLAS 5-year plan and establishing procedures for faculty input in future planning of this sort (see The CLAS faculty assembly supports the creation of a new finance committee to ensure timely faculty collaboration with the administration. Other issues on the agenda include voting on an engineering degree plan, a new name for a Business School program, Dr. Will Harrison’s update on the Future of the Library Committee (FLC), and Inside UF, the administrative insert in the Alligator.

The Chair reported further on the Infrastructure Policy Council (IPC) joint September meeting with the Senate Standing Committee on Libraries. Dr. Harrison reported adding several more faculty to FLC. He has been charged with developing a report by the end of the fall semester. The group recommended he also update the Senate on the reorganization process.

Issues for the 10/19 FLC meeting include the title for the new Head Librarian changing to “Dean of Libraries”, the split in the Committee on maintaining the traditional paper library versus full digital ramifications, and home football game impact on an open Library West: both the Library Committee and the IPC members at the September joint meeting agreed this should be more closely examined.

Committee Reports:

Standing Rules Committee:

Vernon Kisling agreed to attend the Documents session of the 10/17 Shared Governance Workshop. Suggestions and comments on the Standing Rules as now posted on the Faculty Governance website were invited. The UFLFA Chair proposed that Section 2.1 “Nominating Committee” Appointment wording be changed to “members will be appointed by the UFLFA Chair in consultation with the Executive Board composed of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President and Secretary, and…”. Discussion ensued, with general agreement from the floor that this is fine. Vernon K. then allowed that problems in the last nominations/elections process will be addressed in a revision of Sections 4 and 5, including a move of some of the wording in 4 to 5. The Committee will return to the November meeting with revisions, and in December a vote will take place on adopting the Standing Rules. At that point it will be determined if the Standing Rules need to undergo review by the University legal office.

Nominations Committee:

A call for nominees for the Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee is imminent: the Nominating Committee will entertain nominations from the tenured faculty representing Public Services, Collection Management and Technology Services. Three members of this committee are needed to serve two year terms apiece.

Old Business:

The Dean of the Library Search Committee page, including a guideline for conducting such a search, is available at The Future of the Library Committee webpage is at

New Business:



10/22 Jewish Literature Program at Hillel: a book discussion of American Pastoral by Philip Roth.

Marion County’s “One-Book-One-Community” celebrates Marjorie Kinnan Rawling’s The Yearling” through the first week of November.

WUFT needs volunteers for the spring fund-raising drive: Florence Turcotte and Chelsea Dinsmore will coordinate the library participation in this event.

Next Meeting:

November 20 at Room 359 of the Levin College of Law.

Meeting Schedule for August 2006 – July 2007:

(Third Monday of the month except January and May. Locations TBA.)
  • 11/20 Levin College of Law Room 359
  • 12/18 L107 Marston Science Library
  • 01/08 (2nd M)
  • 02/19
  • 03/19
  • 04/16 (HSCL?)
  • 05/14 (2nd M; MLA 18-23)
  • 06/18 (ALA 21-27)
  • 07/xx (No scheduled meeting)
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