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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - November 20, 2006: 3:00pm

Room 359, Levin College of Law

Meeting called to order at 3:06 PM, and the agenda was approved.

The Oct. 16 Regular UFLFA Meeting and Nov. 6 Special Meeting minutes were approved.

Chair's Report:

Joe Aufmuth, in Carol Kem's absence, reported on the 10/17 Faculty Conversation on Implementing Shared Governance. Joe attended the session on engaging faculty members in the shared governance process. Vernon Kisling reported on the Documents Session: he recommends that the library as an academic unit should have a separate constitution, beyond the current Faculty Assembly Organizational Bylaws and Standing Rules, that spells out the roles of faculty and administration in shared governance. He advised that this probably should await the new Dean of Libraries and revised organizational structure.

Administration update:


Senate Update:

Review of October Senate Meeting:

Nancy Schaefer reported on the discussion regarding a Faculty Climate Survey on which the Welfare Council is working, and on the nearly unanimous adoption of the CLAS faculty resolution to set aside the original CLAS 5-year plan and establish procedures for faculty input in future planning of this sort. See the official Senate minutes on the Senate meeting page:

Review of the November 16 Senate meeting at Health Science Center:

Discussions centered on the Strategic Plan now being revised in the Academic Policy Council, the progress of shared governance, a university faculty ombudsman and the desire of many faculty to implement minus grades, instead of the current grading system which only uses full value letter grades.

No agenda is available for the December 14 meeting until a week before the meeting.

Committee Reports:

Standing Rules Committee:

Vernon Kisling led a detailed discussion of the latest draft of the Standing Rules. All elements were reviewed, and suggestions were made at the meeting for modifying the language in numerous sections. All agreed to send the Standing Rules back to Committee for final action before the December 18 UFLFA meeting, in which further discussion will take place before the final version can be adopted, either at that meeting or a future one.

Nominations Committee:

Jason Fleming, representing the Committee on behalf of Chair Valrie Davis, proposed the following slate for election to the Sustained Performance Evaluation Process Committee:

  • Technology Services: Peter Bushnell, Betsy Simpson
  • Collections: Shelley Arlen, Peter McKay
  • Public: Denise Bennett, Jan Swanbeck

Three members are needed to serve two year terms apiece. Ballots will be sent soon to tenured library faculty.

Old Business:


New Business:

In cooperation with the library administrators, a special committee is proposed to take charge of drafting a report due in April to the Senate on progress toward implementing shared faculty governance in the Smathers Libraries. It was also proposed that appointments from both administration and UFLFA be made by the December meeting.

The merit pay distribution for this year is in process: Human Resources sent the nominations, based on the criteria of "excellence" in faculty evaluations, to the administration Nov. 17, and anticipates making the results available around Nov. 22. After this year, merit pay distribution schemes will be devised to incorporate faculty input in the process, perhaps as part of the charge given a future Strategic Planning Committee. Brian Keith or Bill Covey will probably speak at the next UFLFA meeting about merit.

Carol Drum will be asked to speak at the December meeting on the latest developments in the search process for the Dean.

Peter Bushnell suggested that library faculty should be more directly involved in the Faculty Achievement Nominations, a process in February of each year to recognize outstanding UF faculty. Perhaps this could be done through the Nominating Committee: it was proposed that the Chair talk to the Director about such a plan.


none at the meeting, but see ** below.

Next Meeting:

December 28 at Room L107 of the Marston Science Library.

Meeting adjourned 4:16pm.

**Per an 11-20 9:04 E-mail from the Director of Libraries: the Library West Dedication is now scheduled for January 26, 2007. This is on the President's and Provost's calendars, and will include invitations to the University's usual list of dignitaries: the Governor and other elected officials, officials from our sister SUS institutions and ARL, SOLINET and NEFLIN institutions, as well as UF community members and donors. One or two speakers will be named soon. The Annual Howe Society Dinner will be scheduled for that evening. Librarians and staff are encouraged to volunteer to assist with various facets of the dedication.

Meeting Schedule for August 2006 – July 2007:

(Third Monday of the month except January and May. Locations TBA.)
  • 12/18 L107 Marston Science Library
  • 01/08 (2nd M)
  • 02/19
  • 03/19
  • 04/16 (HSCL?)
  • 05/14 (2nd M; MLA 18-23)
  • 06/18 (ALA 21-27)
  • 07/xx (No scheduled meeting)
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