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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - January 8, 2007: 3:00pm

Room L107, Marston Science Library

Meeting was called to order at 3 PM, and the agenda, with one small change to accommodate the first invited speaker, was approved. The Dec. 18 minutes were approved.

Dr. Will Harrison, Chair of the Future of the Library Committee, discussed with the Assembly the "Future of the Library Final Report." The fourteen Committee members were divided into five working groups, and completed Phase One by presenting the document to the Provost a month ago. In their subsequent meeting the Provost asked the Committee questions about the analysis they used, and gathered further information. She and the President will decide where this Report goes; meanwhile the Committee is entering Phase Two of the process, in which the Dean of the Library Search candidates may meet with representatives of this Committee. Dr. Harrison emphasized the critical role of the library leadership in the process of Report implementation, including the fundraising aspects. He sent a copy to the number two person in the Foundation, and raised these library support issues with President Machen as well. The dichotomy within the Committee between those who advocated more technology and those who did not want to dismiss the traditional library and its values yielded a healthy debate that found its expression in the final product.

Chair's Report:

The second full-day Faculty Development Conversation takes place Thursday, Jan. 11 at Emerson Hall, starting 8:30 AM. Librarians and library administrators are encouraged to attend this "Conversation about Shared Governance."

Administration Update:


Senate Update:

Kathy Martyniak covered a few of the information and action items that may be discussed at the next Senate meeting Jan. 18. The agenda is posted at No December 14 meeting minutes are available as yet.

As Chair of the University Nominating Committee, Carol Kem reminded the Assembly that the call for nominations and self-nominations for all Senate and joint Presidential/Senate committees will go out this week, with a closing at the end of the month.

Committee Reports:

Nominating Committee:

Valrie Davis said the Committee will soon be sending out a call for nominations for the Senate positions now held by Kathy Martyniak and Joe Aufmuth, whose terms are winding to a close. Self-nominations can be sent to Val or any member of the Committee-Amy Buhler, Tara Cataldo, Jason Fleming, Pam Williams-anytime. At least four candidates are sought for each slot. A final list of candidates will be compiled before Feb. 28, and an electronic vote handled via the Faculty Senate Office between the 2nd and 15th of April.

Old Business:

The Special Committee to draft the Shared Governance Status Report due a week before the April 19 Faculty Senate meeting is being formed, with anticipated faculty representatives from HC, Law, Smathers, and the library senators cohort, and administration representatives from HC, Law and Smathers. Carol Kem, Joe Aufmuth and/or David Hickey will attend meetings of this Committee ex-officio. Michele Crump will be the Smathers Libraries administration rep.

Per the Standing Rules, the appointment process for the Strategic Planning Committee and the Ombudsman Committee is being carried out by the LFA Chair, in consultation with the other two officers. HC, Law and Smathers will have at least one representative on each Standing Committee.

Prof. Kim Tanzer, one of the eleven members of the Dean of the Library Search Committee, updated the Assembly on the status of the search. After the candidates were narrowed to around eight and phone interviews conducted, the Committee recommended four to five be slated to interview late January - early February. Librarians were requested to be discrete in making long-distance inquiries regarding individual candidates at this point. All the candidates are interested in building collaborative teams, have fundraising expertise, have managed organizational change, are aware of new technology and have knowledge of library renovation requirements. The interviews will include meetings with the University Library Committee and various groups of faculty and administrators, public presentations, and sessions with a pre-selected group of library representatives; the latter Dr. Tanzer felt should not just consist of Library Council and/or department chairs. The search will probably be concluded quickly, with a timely recommendation to the Provost. Library faculty and staff can e-mail with questions or feedback anytime.

New Business:



Sincere condolences to Kathy Price on the recent loss of her mother.

Next meeting: Feb. 19, Room 100 of Smathers Library.

Meeting adjourned 4:00 PM.

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