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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - March 19, 2007: 3:00pm

Marston Science Library, Room L107

The agenda and the 2/19/07 minutes were approved.

Chair's report

Carol announced Betsy Simpson would take notes in David Hickey's absence.

Administration Update

Nancy Schaefer announced that Beth Layton has been named Interim HSCL Director. The search is underway; next meeting is 4/2. The search committee is in the process of checking references on seven applicants.

Senate Update

March University Senate Steering Committee Meeting

Carol Kem reported that the Steering Committee is aware that the library has not been consulted sufficiently when new degrees are established. There seems to be a growing recognition that departments need to talk with the library at the beginning of the process. At the Steering Committee meeting Carol raised the issue of departments possibly avoiding the library because of a fear that inadequate library resources might negatively impact the approval of a proposed new degree.

Nancy commented that she was recently asked to write letters of support for proposed degrees in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Social and Behavior Sciences. The Faculty Assembly viewed this as an encouraging sign.

3/22/07 March Senate Meeting

The agenda includes an item regarding a proposed change for County Extension faculty promotion and permanent status packets whereby their packets would be reviewed only within IFAS and not go before the Academic Personnel Board. Carol suggested that any decisions made about the County Extension faculty might be considered a model to follow for other non-academic faculty, such as librarians. Tara asked if there have been problems with the County Extension faculty getting tenure, and Carol said no, but that APB finds the often large number of packets from County Extension faculty each year to be taxing. Not only are there quite a few County Extension faculty, but they also have a higher number of promotional levels. Both of these factors contribute to frequent packet submissions.

Carol commented that President Machen will likely be asked about his decision regarding minus grades at the Senate meeting. If the decision is favorable, the Provost is hoping to implement minus grades in January 2008.

Senators Marc Heft, John Leavey, Frank Bova and Saeed Khan, who are nominees for 2007-08 Senate Chair, will give presentations on their candidacies at the April Senate meeting.

Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

Val Davis announced the slate of candidates for Faculty Senate - one to be chosen from LIC and one from Smathers:

  • LIC: Ed Hart and Chris Vallandingham
  • Smathers: Suzanne Brown, Sara Gonzalez, Patrick Reakes

Electronic voting has been implemented for faculty senate elections. Carol instructed the Nominating Committee to send the slate to John Ingram and to check about sending it also to Amelia Hugus, Senate Secretary.

The slate for Chair Elect and Secretary has not been finalized. The committee welcomes nominations.

Shared Governance Report

Cecilia Botero explained that the Special Committee for Shared Governance Report has met and distributed work. The committee will send its report to the Assembly for review prior to the next Assembly meeting on April 16. The report is due to the Faculty Senate by April 19.

Strategic Planning Committee

Vernon reported that the committee has made progress with its task to set up the market equity process. The committee has met twice and had discussions with Brian Keith about developing a matrix based on ARL standards, which would be implemented in FY09. The process only applies to in-unit faculty (i.e., not LIC, HSCL, and administrators).

Carol reminded the Assembly that committee meetings should be publicly noticed.

Old Business

Report on Second Associate Provost "Conversation" on Shared Governance

Nancy, Carol and Joe Aufmuth attended the Conversation.

Nancy highlighted particular aspects of the College of Nursing shared governance process:

  • Dean's State of the College report
  • Faculty Leadership Council (watchdog group)
  • Policy Review Matrix

Carol mentioned a number of comments and suggestions offered by the speakers, including:

  • public link to all governance documents
  • mechanism to solve problems doesn't necessarily solve problems
  • should be a way for faculty to call a meeting
  • common vision - takes teamwork and accountability
  • vision - one sentence; goals - operable for years; strategy - what you do to reach the goals
  • benchmarks important
  • transparent budget process
  • management by walking around
  • repository of knowledge rests with tenured faculty
  • shared governance involvement should be tied to tenure and promotion
Update on Search for Dean of Libraries

No information is available at this time, although Betsy commented that Judy Russell had recently been on campus for a third visit.

New Business

Carol suggested that, if there is interest, a fact-finding group might be formed to examine the process and guidelines for completing Faculty Semester Reports. which are used by HSCL and Smathers, but not LIC.


Congratulations were offered to Cathy Martyniak on the recent birth of her son.

Carol asked the Assembly to share news of association nominations and elections and offered that she is running for ALA Councilor-at-Large. Betsy said that Cathy Martyniak is nominated for Chair Elect of ALCTS Preservation and Reformatting Section.

Nancy invited the Assembly to the next meeting to be held at HSCL, Room C3-72.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 PM.

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