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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - May 14, 2007: 3:00pm

Marston Science Library, Room L107

The agenda and the 4/16/07 minutes were approved at the 3:02 PM start of the meeting.

Chair's report

The Chair reported that Kathleen Kennedy was awarded a virtual scholarship by ACRL, which recently convened its 13th National Conference in Baltimore. In the fall a call will go out for panels, contributed papers, posters, roundtables etc. for the 2009 Seattle ACRL meeting.

Librarians continuing to serve or newly elected on Senate and Joint Committees include

  1. Committee on Committees -Michelle Foss (until 2008) and Blake Landor;
  2. Constitution - Cathy Martyniak, elected for a three year term after having served a one-year appointment replacement;
  3. Lakes, Vegetation and Landscaping - David Hickey;
  4. Land Use & Facilities Planning - John Nemmers (until 2008), Jason Fleming and Ed Hart;
  5. Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites -Carl Van Ness (ex-officio) and Tom Caswell;
  6. Senate Nominating - Carol Kem (until 2008);
  7. University Libraries - Rae Jesano.

Librarians on Presidential Committees include

  1. Committee on People with Disabilitiess- Naomi Young (until 2009);
  2. Faculty and Staff Benefits - Rick Donnelly (until 2009);
  3. Incentive Efficiency - John Nemmers (until 2009) and Joe Aufmuth;
  4. LGBT Concerns - Florence Turcotte (until 2009);
  5. Minority Mentor Program Council- Carol Kem (ongoing);
  6. Property Management Board - Blake Landor (until 2008) and Rick Donnelly (until 2009).

Academic Freedom/Tenure/Professional Relations and Standards, Academic Personnel Board, Curriculum, General Education, Honorary Degrees/Distinguished Alumnus Awards and Memorials, Research Policy, Student Petitions, Sustainability, and Transportation and Parking Advisory are currently the only Senate and Joint Committees which do not have at least one person from the Libraries on board. Such pervasive library representation on campus committees is a significant accomplishment: congratulations to all who participated in the process.

Administration Update

Trudi DiTrolio put out for discussion a suggestion to put a group in place for advice on writing tenure packet research narratives, which could also incorporate consulting service for works-in-progress intended for publication, perhaps along the lines of the ALA resume-reviewing service. Such questions as whether this would be a special LFA committee, whether the members would be expected to have editorial board experience, and whether business could be conducted mainly by e-mail, were tabled until this item can be further discussed in the June UFLFA meeting as part of "Old Business".

Brian Keith brought up the issue of library faculty recruitment procedures needing review. An LFA committee to review our own as well as other university practices, recommending changes as necessary, is one option. This concern dovetails with the prospects for fall Workshops to grant university certification to future members of search committees. Training modules in recruitment and search procedures will have to be figured out so that they will be global across faculty and staff lines in the library. The LFA Chair will send out a call separate from the minutes for participation in each of these proposed committees, as necessary.

Senate Update

April University Senate Meeting

Frank Bova from Neurosurgery is the new Senate Chair-elect.

Nancy Schaefer reported that the proposed Health Science Center Biostatistics Ph.D. program raised on the Senate floor incorporated for the first time an explicit library impact statement, which Faith Meakin and Michele Tennant crafted in the March 7 final proposal letter's summary paragraph: "Given the widespread use of biostats in the research conducted at UF, we expect that the libraries will continue to maintain their current holdings and expand their collections when warranted. Therefore, the UF library system should be able to accommodate the students and faculty of the proposed biostatistics Ph.D. program." It is now on the Provost's radar to include the libraries in the program impact review process: the customary checklist indicating library participation is now meaningful. It was suggested that inquiries from departments contemplating new programs should go to the Director of Collections, although proposals for interdisciplinary programs will necessarily get complicated. Collection enhancement financial burdens must be considered, but costs for library service aspects can be significant as well. The Senate will red-flag those proposals that are forwarded without library impact feedback.

For a sample of a letter and backup spreadsheet from a library in support of a proposed new program, Nancy provided the following link, in this case the HSCL letter supporting a new Epidemiology Ph.D. degree, presented for Senate approval simultaneously with Biostatistics:

The Senate also discussed a new T&P regulation that specifies the rank levels that tenure and promotion reviewers must be:

6C1-7.019 Tenure and Promotion: Definition, Eligibility, Granting of Tenure, Criteria, Procedures and Methods of Processing, Confidential Nature of Materials and Discussions, Reports and Appeals, Permanent Status and sustained Performance Evaluations
The change removes the requirement that the college level committee evaluating candidates for promotion and tenure be composed of tenured faculty with the rank of full professor or above. The change provides that when evaluating a candidate for tenure at the college committee level, the evaluators must have tenure. When evaluating a candidate for promotion, the evaluators must hold a rank superior to that of the candidate.

Also a Senate budget resolution called for transparency in the university budget process, and faculty participation at all levels and through all the stages.

The receipt of the Libraries Shared Governance Report was acknowledged.

April Senate Steering Committee Meeting

Rick Yost is the new Chair. Critical points of discussion were the new role of the Honorary Degrees Committee, possible membership revisions for the Steering Committee, and the Provost report on the budget allocation.

Committee Report

Strategic Planning Committee

Vernon Kisling reiterated that the committee's Recommendations on Market Salary Equity included a nod to the collective bargaining agreement in the first paragraph, and thus Health and Law librarians are necessarily excluded from these provisions. The review request packet from an individual faculty member would include the cover sheet, 2-page-maximum rationale statement, current CV, annual evaluations for the previous five years, and supporting documentation, such as Special Library Association salary data to corroborate Associate-In cases. This information would be forwarded to the appropriate department Chair, who would forward it on to a library committee on market salary equity (MSE) for evaluation. This committee's composition and operating guidelines are outlined in the Recommendations: the group would have to work with the Directors on the appropriate meeting time during the year. As the last step of the evaluation, the MSE Committee would send its recommendation back to the appropriate department chair, who would then forward to the Directors. The United Faculty of Florida requires that the ARL faculty salary statistics be used as a source for this evaluation: Unfortunately these tables do not include designations as to rank: librarians are listed just as "librarians", without any adjustments for various service factors within a single table. ARL or the ALA Statistics Office may offer a fee-based service to gather specific information on librarians. Vernon proclaimed that the ball is in the court of the new MSE Committee to devise a workable matrix, to calculate the timing of various parts of the review process, and to conduct the actual reviews. Discussion ensued on certain procedural details such as whether a person can apply again if his/her approved packet was not funded in a particular year. The administration would have to confront the issues of salary compression and faculty retention. John Ingram admitted there is no way to get this to happen this fiscal year, but the framework needs to be in place as soon as possible.

The Report was accepted: the next step is to get appropriate volunteers for this important MSE Committee. It may be established in the LFA as an Ad Hoc or Special Committee. Further discussion will take place in the June 18 LFA meeting.

New Business

Suzanne Brown reported on a new UFF Librarian Salaries Task Force she is on that met during the statewide April 13-15 UFF meeting in St. Petersburg. Their charge is to have a report ready by the 2008 UFF Senate meeting. Pay differentials between the State University Libraries and Community College Libraries, the salary step program, turnover and gender considerations, and service/research components in librarian assignments were discussed. Rob Cole from Palm Beach Community College is chairing this TF. Suzanne agreed to forward minutes of TF meetings to UF librarians as appropriate.

Old Business

The Ombudsman Committee, set up as a Standing Committee in the UFLFA Standing Rules, continues to lack volunteers for its membership. This Committee will be defined as an "as needed" type of committee.


The naming of a new HSCL Director is anticipated by June. Two have interviewed.

The next meeting will be June 18 in MSL L-107.

No official July meeting is scheduled, however a New Officer Workshop, similar to the campus Senate Workday in August, will be July 9, and will be open to the public.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:19 PM.

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