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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - August 6, 2007: 9:00am

Dean Russell's Office

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss areas of cooperation between the University Libraries' Administration and the Library Faculty Assembly.

Dean Russell's overall perspective of the Library Faculty Governance is "things are running smooth." She would like to attend the Faculty Assembly meetings when she is in town. Dean Russell will add LFA meetings to her calendar and will attend when possible. Meetings are the 3rd Monday of every month except in January and May. A calendar will be distributed at the next meeting on August 20. She is available and is willing to meet with the UFLFA officers when needed.

Discussion focused on several areas:

  • Library Committees and Faculty Assembly Committees
  • Travel funds and policies
  • Strategic planning
  • Mentoring of tenure track librarians

Travel funds and professional development:

The Travel Committee needs two members. In the past, members have been appointed by the Dean. Should they be elected from the Faculty Assembly? Should the committee membership be different, more balanced representation? The committee oversees University libraries travel and not Health or Law. Dean Russell has asked for the current travel committee to make recommendations on policies and membership representation. There was discussion about the budgeted amount for travel, professional development and official business ( representing UF) and job -specific training.

2006-7 $70.00 00
2005-6 $60, 000 + $10,000 additional
2007-8 $50,000

There were concerns about fund availability when people awarded given money for travel and don't go as well as making certain that tenure-track librarians get opportunities and are mentored well and tenured librarians are able to continue their involvement. The policy in the Health Science Center library has been that librarians do get a conference allowance and CE allowance each year.

It was decided to continue with appointment of travel committee members by the Dean for this year 2007- 8 and look to the recommendation of the committee.

Library committee appointments and assignments.

The process needs to be reviewed, be more transparent, and involve the individuals being considered whenever possible.

Library strategic planning

There is a need to blend UFLFA efforts with the Libraries' strategic planning efforts.

There are four University Libraries strategic taskforces each chaired by a Director

  1. Undergraduate education - John Ingram
  2. Humanities and Social Sciences - Bill Covey
  3. Health and other sciences -Michele Crump ( engineering, sciences and health sciences)
  4. Special Collection studies = Carol Turner and Shelly Arlen

The taskforces will be made up of librarians and users and will be representative. They will be working and gathering information from library constituents through Late October and the report on their findings to other library groups. Dean Russell has met with the University library committee leaders and has asked the Future of the Libraries committee chair to get representation on the taskforces, and will be meeting with Student government to get graduate and undergraduate representatives on the taskforces. Members of the Infrastructure Policy Committee and the Dean Search Committee were suggested.

The timing of the taskforce and strategic planning ties into the University of Florida capital campaign and will hope to identify core areas fundraising is needed both from donors and grant funds. The goodwill on campus toward the libraries needs to be harnessed and directed.

Active participation of all librarians in discussions and governance is encouraged.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00.

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