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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - August 30, 2007: 3:00pm

UFLFA Officers Meeting with Beth Layton, Interim Director, Health Sciences Center Libraries

Beth Layton's office, Health Sciences Center Library

Present: Beth Layton, Joe Aufmuth, Linda Butson, and Vernon Kisling

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss areas of cooperation between the Health Science Center Libraries' Administration and the Library Faculty Assembly.

The Health Science Center Libraries is organizationally separate from the University libraries (Smathers et al) and the Law Library. Funding sources drive the separation.

Since April, Health Science Center Libraries Faculty Assembly has been organized to look at own operations that are unique to our location and reporting structure, but it is broadly cooperative with the other University library units. The HSCLFA meets on the first Thursday of every month from 9:00- 10:00 and has its own bylaws. There are areas where the HSC faculty assembly will be/ are different. Sustained performance, market equity, sabbatical policies and travel will be different.

Beth is supportive of the UFLA and intends to attend its meetings. There is benefit to the cooperation and interaction of HSC faculty librarians participating in the larger UFLA organization as well. Tenure and Promotion is one of the areas where all the libraries can work together. There will be other areas of synergy.

HSC Faculty Assembly and HSC Administration are fine-tuning their policies and defining their roles.

When asked about budgeting and decision making transparency, Beth reported that information is "rolled down" to Division heads. Division Heads are expected to share information with the people who report to them. The HSCL budget is in three areas- personnel, collection and miscellaneous. HSCL was audited this summer. There was a 178-question questionnaire about policy and practices. This has not been shared with the Division Heads (the HSCL's management group), but is expected to be shared.

Linda Butson noted that a monthly paper budget accounting of expenses is shared with Division Heads.

Regarding collections Beth reported there are no allocations of money to specific programs or disciplines. All liaisons are collectors and work together to purchase books, journals and electronic resources as well as identify resources to discontinue when cuts need to be made.

There is a Collection Coordinating Committee that oversees collection development.

Regarding tenure and promotion, there are 2 tenured librarians in the HSC - Cecilia Botero and Michele Tennant. The librarians who are on the tenure -track are in Reference and at the Borland library. Beth writes the evaluations for the Gainesville librarians. She relies heavily on Cecilia and Michele on tenure issues. The librarians do participate in the University Libraries mentoring program.

There was discussion concerning the writing of a Faculty Assembly constitution and the collaboration of 3 separate units may make that difficult. Currently the leadership of the three library units (Dean Russell, Kathy Price and Beth Layton) do not meet together. Beth remains open and sees areas where collaboration is possible and beneficial. She sees the larger UFLFA as an umbrella group with some Smathers-centric functions. Joe Aufmuth invited Beth to bring/ send items to the Assembly as she felt warranted as there may be implications of unit activity for the whole Assembly.

A copy of the UFLFA agenda template was shared along with calendar of UFLFA meetings. The standing item of Health Science Center Library administration reports was highlighted. Joe thanked Beth for the support that she provides for faculty to participate in the Assembly meetings.

Beth expressed the need for the active participation of the 3 librarians in the Borland Library (Jacksonville branch) in UFLFA. Joe is aware and will make efforts to use phone conference calls for the meetings when possible. He will look into teleconferencing locations on campus.

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