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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - October 15, 2007: 3:00pm

College of Law, Holland Center Room 283

The UFL Faculty Assembly was called to order by Vernon Kisling at 3:05 PM.

The agenda was approved as distributed.

Minutes of previous meeting, September 17, 2007, were approved with corrections. The meeting minutes are posted on the Faculty Governance website at

Member Comments

Suzanne Brown reported on the Librarian Taskforce on Salaries. Ten data points have been identified on which to collect data. Comparable institutions identified from the Future of the Library final report are University of Minnesota, Ohio State and University of Wisconsin. Others need to be evaluated. Suzanne is looking for volunteers to assist with data collection. Contact her at The report deadline is November 15. Taskforce agreed that librarians need to raise their visibility on campus. Librarians act as faculty but are not paid as faculty. Librarian salaries will be compared to faculty as well as to other librarians. Kathy Price asked that the ability for librarians to be paid for teaching be considered. The next meeting of the taskforce is in January. Suzanne participated in a UFF meeting on Governmental relations and influencing the state legislature on issues of higher education. The UFF passed a resolution that the State Legislature provide more money to higher education especially in faculty salaries. Faculty will be encouraged to participate in Legislative days and sending more delegates to the NEA and FEA meetings. Restructuring UFF is being looked at.

Chair's Report

Joe Aufmuth reported that he had submitted the LFA Budget Council Response. The response is available at

Library Administration Updates


Kathy Price, Director of the Law Library welcomed the Assembly to the Law School. Mary Ellen O'Brien's vacant position will be filled and is a key to the Law School moving into distance learning. The law school has a librarian going for tenure this year. Regarding budget, the Law library has taken the 4.26 reduction, but hopes with changes in the graduate tuition, they will squeak by. The Law School has opened its version of the Blue Room. Football games, parking on game days and alumni provide challenges for being open on the weekends.


Beth Layton reported that mold has been found in the Health Science Center Library. Remediation will begin Wednesday October 17 at 10AM. It is expected to take 5 days. She thanked Verne Burch for all her work to get the remediation underway. As far as the public, mold is only a health issue for the very susceptible. The HSCL's 1st floor (monograph and AV collection) is substantially affected and the collection is off limits to everyone. Library staff will assist patrons is obtaining items from the 2nd and 3rd floor for copying. No items are circulating outside the HSCL. The library needs more vigilant monitoring of humidity. The Team Leader for Reference position is being vacated: Amy Buhler has accepted a position with the Marston Science Library. The budget is tight this year and next year will be worse. Beth expects to be close to $500,000 in the red. Regarding the Director search, four candidates have been scheduled for interviews over the next 3 weeks for the Health Science Center Library Director. The first interview is Mark Flynn on October 18 and 19. Resumes and interview schedules will be sent to the Librarians list as they are finalized.


Judy Russell has shared information about the cuts to the 2007-2008 budget via email. She wants to discuss the process for 2008-2009. Since the state legislature appropriation is taking something less than originally expected, after holding back monies in reserve at the University level, there may be some return to the colleges. Smathers had carry-forward money this year, but will not have any next year. They will need to manage the budget differently and while money can be moved around, there will not be any extra dollars. The University Libraries Committee approves the library budget. Judy will present the allocation of the collection budget at their next meeting.

Starting the Strategic Planning process has taken longer than expected. They are close to naming all the members of the taskforces. Judy would welcome participation of UFLFA Strategic Planning Committee members. If members are interested in working on one of the Libraries' strategic planning taskforces, please contact Joe. A list of members and schedule of activities will be posted on the web. Data collection will include ARL LibQual and other materials. Judy attended an ARL meeting on Services to Graduate Students last Friday.

Smathers Development initiatives

While the Medical and Law schools have their own Development staff, there is no focus on libraries. Kathy Price, Beth Layton and Judy Russell have talked about the coordination of development information. There has been an effort in the HSC development arena to include the library as the College of Medicine seeks donations for the new Medical education building. A donation card in the recent COM alumni magazine offers an opportunity to give to the library collection. There is no capital campaign goal for the Health and Law Libraries. Beth Layton reported that HSCL will be discussing opportunities with Sandy Melching who had worked in Smathers and is now working at the Health Science Center in Jacksonville. Judy Russell reported that the Senior Development Officer search was closed and has been reopened as a faculty position. Dr. Huang will need to reapply. The Special and Area Studies Collections Department will vote on Samuel Huang's candidacy to start the tenure-granting process.

The Provost has a new procedure for tenure and hire which will involve the Academic Personnel Board at the University level. This position may be the first to go through the new procedure. In the past tenure has been awarded at the college level. The agreement for sharing salary and travel expenses with the University Foundation remains in effect. Tenure would be awarded in the Libraries. Employment in the position should be during the first quarter of 2008.

The position is Smathers- centric because Health and Law are funded separately. Neither the Health Science nor the Law Library has a development officer. John gave a history of funding for development officers. The UF Foundation will pay .5 of the senior officer's salary and some of the expenses. Smathers libraries will pay for the other position.

Senate Update

Ed Hart provided a review of the September meeting. The Faculty Senate minutes are at President Machen gave his report and the Budget report. Budget cuts hit hard on the teaching mission of the University. He was to protect money for tenure and promotion and scholarships. The September 12-14 Board of Trustees meeting was also reported. Several graduate degree programs were voted on.

Ed Hart provided an overview of the October 18 Faculty Senate meeting to be at the Center for Performing Arts, to expose faculty to different areas of campus. The full agenda is at There will be a tweaking of degrees. Dean of Libraries Judy Russell will report on the University Libraries Strategic Planning Process and there will be a report from the Dean of Students.

Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

There was no report.

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee

There was no report.

Strategic Planning Committee

There needs to be a discussion regarding the committee's role in the SP Taskforces.

Ombudsman Committee

The committee is still seeking a third member from the Smathers libraries. There are representative from Health and Law libraries.

LFA Officer Reports


Vernon Kisling began a dialog on UFLFA Committee structure following the email he had sent prior to the meeting ( A particular concern is the relation of the current Libraries Tenure and Promotion Committee to the UFLFA's Appointment, Tenure and Promotion Committee (which at present has no named members). The review of the committee work ties into the development of a Constitution for the Assembly and to the further development of the administrative and faculty responsibilities. This will need discussion with the T&P committee and the Library Directors. A review of responsibilities should occur including responsibility for the Career Development Handbook. People interested in working on the committee structure should contact Vernon.

Jimmie Lundgren encouraged people to get involved, but cautioned the Assembly about adding responsibility to the T&P's heavy workload due to 5 packets being started for tenure and an unknown number of mid-year reviews.

Jim Cusick suggested a committee to bring Library Professional Development into sync with the University policies. Joe Aufmuth has taken over Carol Drum's work with Brian Keith on the Career Development Handbook. Judy Russell asked if a committee might be needed. It was suggested that the CDH might include a chapter on tenure packet preparation.

Other Officers

There was no report from Secretary Linda Butson or Past-Chair Carol Kem.

Old Business

Faculty Senate Governance Reports was covered in the Chair's report (see above).

New Business

Process for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 discussion.- Due to time constraints, the New Business was not discussed.

The next meeting of the Library Faculty Assembly will be Monday November 19 at Marston Science Library Room L107, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The Faculty Assembly adjourned at 4:15 PM.

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