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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - November 19, 2007: 3:00pm

Marston Science Library, Room L107

The UF Library Faculty Assembly was called to order by Joe Aufmuth at 3:05 PM.

The agenda was approved as distributed.

Minutes of previous meeting, October 15, 2007, were approved with corrections. The meeting minutes are posted on the Faculty Governance website at

There were no member comments.

Chair's Report:

Joe Aufmuth reported that a Faculty Recruitment Committee is being established. Brian Keith explained that the committee will look at Smathers policies and procedures to insure that they comply with the University's policies. Recommendations will be made to the library directors. Composition of the committee will include recent hires, recent search committee members and department chairs. Joe reported that are looking at the Smathers Committee to propose the implementation of the recommendations of the Market Equity committee. The Senate Council on Research and Scholarship will host a meeting December 4, 2007 on Sabbaticals. Joe and Priscilla Williams will attend. Joe is looking for library representation from Health and Law libraries as well.

Library Administration Updates


Beth Layton, Interim Director, reported that two candidates for the Director's position are being invited back for second interviews: Mr. Wallace McLendon and Mr. Mark Flynn. Nancy Schaefer has been appointed Interim Team Leader of Reference and Linda Butson has assumed Interim responsibilities for Access Services.


There was no report.

Smathers/ New Business

Judith Russell reported on the Library's Budget for 2007-2008. She gave two PowerPoint presentations, which are available in the documents section of the Library governance web pages. See Dean Russell's Budget Presentation and Materials Budget at A copy of the George A. Smathers 2007-2008 Budget - revision date November 9, 2007 was also distributed.

At 4:00 Carol Kem made motion that the meetings be extended to hear other reports. The motion was seconded and passed.

Senate Update

Naomi Young gave a synopsis of the last two Faculty Senate meetings - October and November 2007. Minutes of the October Faculty Senate meeting have been posted at The November Faculty Senate meeting included votes of several sun-setting degrees, a presentation by Gene Zdziarski (Dean of Students) on Responding To Campus Crises, Proposed Language for General Education Committee, University Curriculum Committee and student members on councils and a resolution of the Student Conduct Code. There was no preview of the December meeting.

Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

There will be a call for Nominations in January for the Sustained Performance Committee

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee

There was no report.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Library Strategic Planning taskforces are under way.

Ombudsman Committee

Still need additional members of the committee.

LFA Officer Reports

Chair Elect Vernon Kisling had no report.

Past Chair Carol Kem reported hat the University Nominating Committee will be sending out a call for nominations and self-nominations. Carol suggested that the librarians need to review the recommended changes from the Constitution Committee. (See the November Faculty Senate agenda - )

Secretary Linda Butson had no report.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 PM.

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