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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - December 17, 2007: 3:00pm

Marston Science Library, Room L107

Joe Aufmuth called the Assembly to order at 3:05 PM.

The agenda was approved with modifications. The minutes of the November 19, 2007 UFLFA meeting as posted on the web were approved.

There were no member comments.

Chair's Report

Joe Aufmuth reported on the December 4 Sabbatical meeting which Pricilla Williams, Michele Tennant and Joe Aufmuth attended. The University's sabbatical application process is similar what the Smathers' Libraries are currently doing. There were questions about when one can apply. John Leahy from CLAS represented himself personally. He spoke that according to the UFF units are allowed 1 paid sabbatical for every 40 persons in the unit. There was also discussion about Personal Development Leave for which units are allowed 1 for every 30 persons in the unit. Priscilla reported that there are not a lot of requests across the university. Sabbaticals can be applied for once in every 7 years. 2008 Library Sabbaticals include John Ingram for 1 semester, Betsy Simpson potentially for 1 year, and Steve Carrico who will begin in Summer 2008. The university contributes $7500/ semester to the unit for sabbaticals. The HSC Library is handled separately out of the Health Science Center.

Brian Keith reported that that Smathers Libraries is losing a Staff Development Librarian position. Trudi DiTrolio will begin phased retirement in January 2008 and will move back into librarianship rather than staff development. Many of the core functions will be transferred to groups' responsibility such as the Town meetings and the T&P Mentoring. The Libraries gave up the position in the hiring freeze.

After the implementation of the re-class and the market equity study, the development of a career ladder for paraprofessionals (Advancement in Place) is the next phase. One of the goals for 2007-2008 was to establish library wide competencies which can contribute to the development of a step system. This remains a goal but may be difficult to accomplish within the time frame. Tina and Kristie in the staff development office will send out announcements of training opportunities and may be able to help with space and equipment arrangement, but they will not be developing/ deciding content for classes.

Jan Swanbeck will chair a special committee to support the mentoring process through the Library Faculty Assembly. The Assembly Bylaws may need to be adjusted if this becomes a permanent committee or alternatively have that committee report to the Dean of Libraries.

On behalf of the Assembly, Joe Aufmuth has expressed regret to the Directors on the loss of the Staff Development position.

The role of the Assembly's Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee was discussed. The Libraries T&P committee is overloaded with activity. Jimmie Lundgren suggested that a new committee be appointed to oversee mentoring. Rich Bennett raised concern that there has been no discussion about the future role(s) of the Faculty Assembly's new standing Appointment, Tenure, and Promotion Committee and the Libraries' longstanding T&P Committee. Beth Layton supported that discussion needed to occur and that committee membership be expanded. Vernon Kisling reported that while this has been one of his goals as Chair-elect, the movement has been slow. He suggested a future meeting on the topic.

The Smathers Libraries have created a Faculty Recruitment Policies and Practices Committee to look at the Smathers' Faculty Recruiting policies and the University's new Faculty Recruitment Handbook. The charge and list of members are posted on the committee's web page at Denise Bennett will chair the 11 member committee. By April 30, 2008, recommendations will be made to the Directors and reviewed by the Faculty Assembly. Comments about the recruitment processes and suggestions for improvements should be directed to Denise Bennett.

Library Administration Updates


Beth Layton reported that two candidates had second interviews for the Director of the Health Science Center Libraries. They met with the Library Management group and with Dr. Barrett, Vice President of Health Affairs. It is hoped an offer will be made before Christmas holiday.


Dean Russell reported that the library has just completed 2 weeks of extended hours which started the weekend before the reading day. There was a 36% increase in use. A survey will be conducted. A second pilot will be conducted in Spring 2008.

Dean Russell updated the Assembly on the proposed remote storage facility which was originally proposed for 08/09, approved for 10/11 with occupancy projected for 12/13. There is general agreement among SUL's that a solution is needed before this time. The Provost will assist in trying to change the timetable to be sooner. A Taskforce will be needed to develop policies on governance and administration.

The Provost has asked the Libraries to prepare for a 4.25% additional budget next fiscal year. It will be based on the beginning 07/08 budget. It is expected that the Strategic Planning process will illuminate where some of the cuts may be made rather than making them across the board. Discussion about how and where to implement cuts will begin in January.

The results of LIBQUAL are back.


There was no report.

Senate Update

Library Senators, Naomi Young and Edward Hart reported on the December 13 Senate meeting. The agenda and webcast are available at . There was one degree name change. Several recommended changes to the Constitution were discussed including allowing joint Senate-UF President appointed committees to choose their own chairs. The full list of changes is on the senate website. Beginning January 2008, Cathy Martyniak will be Acting Chair of the Constitution Committee. During the discussion period there was discussion on the recommendations of the Cost Reduction Taskforce particularly related to motor vehicle use.

Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

There will be a call for nominations for Senate seats and other positions in January.

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee

There was no report.

Strategic Planning Committee

There was no report. Several SP members are serving on the Smathers SP Committees.

Ombudsman Committee

There was no report.

LFA Officer Reports

There were no reports from Chair Elect Vernon Kisling or Secretary Linda Butson.


Jimmie Lundgren announced that the T&P Committee has made its recommendations about Tenure. The mid-career packets are next to be reviewed.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be. Monday January 28 in Marston Science Library room L107, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Note: Date change to the 4th Monday in January is due to ALA Mid Winter and the MLK holiday.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM

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