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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Library Faculty Assembly (LFA) Re-Organization Committee Member Selection

Minutes - February 13, 2008: 9:00am

Marston Science Library, Room L201A

Meeting began 9:00 am and finished 10:00 am in MSL room 201A

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Vernon Kisling (Minutes), and Carol Kem (via phone)

The task for selecting members was based on the motion passed at the LF Assembly special meeting of 12 February 2008. This task was to select two faculty and one staff member from each of the four Smathers library divisions (with a preference for tenured faculty): Collection Management/Area Studies, Public Services, Technical Services, and Support Services.

The list of library faculty and staff, along with their positions and divisions was provided by Brian Keith (Head, Human Resources). In addition, the selection was based on selecting a diversity of departments and of past experiences and responsibilities in order to obtain a group with broad perspectives. The following individuals were selected and at the end of the meeting, Joe is to contact each individual to make sure they will be willing to serve on the committee and that these individuals meet with the approval of the Dean. If not, or if other problems arise, and different individuals have to be chosen, this will be reflected in an ADDENDUM to these minutes.

Collection Management/Area Studies

  • Jim Cusick (Faculty)
  • Blake Landor (Faculty)
  • Carl Van Ness (Faculty - Alternate)
  • Adrian Zeck (Staff)
  • Jim Liversidge (Staff - Alternate)

Public Services

  • Patrick Reakes (Faculty)
  • Jana Ronan (Faculty)
  • Ann Lindell (Faculty - Alternate)
  • Suzanne Brown (Faculty - Alternate)
  • Jim Stevens (Staff)
  • Matthew Daley (Staff - Alternate)

Technical Services

  • Jimmie Lundgren (Faculty)
  • Steve Carrico (Faculty)
  • Priscilla Williams (Faculty - Alternate)
  • Rich Bennett (Faculty - Alternate)
  • Raimonda Mangjoni (Staff)
  • Sonia Tergas (Staff - Alternate)

Support Services

  • Stephanie Haas (Faculty)
  • Tom Minton (Faculty - Non-tenured)
  • Erich Kesse (Faculty Alternate)
  • Winston Harris (Staff)
  • Amy Polk (Staff - Alternate)

ADDENDUM : Final selection after consulting with each candidate and the Dean. 15 February 2008

  • James Cusick, Collections
  • Carl Van Ness, Collections
  • Blake Landor, Collections
  • Adrian Zeck, Collections
  • Jana Ronan, Public Services
  • Patrick Reakes, Public Services
  • Jim Stevens, Public Services
  • Jimmie Lundgren, Technical Services
  • Priscilla Williams, Technical Services
  • Raimonda Margjoni, Technical Services
  • Stephanie Haas, Support Services
  • Amy Polk, Support Services
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