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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - February 18, 2008: 3:00pm

Marston Science Library, Room L107

Joe Aufmuth called the meeting to order at 3:00.

Cathy Martyniak moved the approval of the agenda as distributed. Carol Kem seconded and the agenda was approved

Beth Layton moved the approval of minutes from January 28, 2008 LFA meeting with corrections to add "Smathers" to the discussion of travel policy and to correct Kathie Price's name. Michele Tennant seconded and the minutes were approved.

Stephanie Haas moved the approval of minutes from February 11, 2008 LFA meeting with corrections to add Smathers Libraries to the reorganization discussion and to correct Matthew Loving's name. Michele Tennant seconded and the minutes were approved.

Carol Kem moved the approval of minutes from February 13, 2008 LFA meeting of LFA Officers to select members of the Reorganization Committee. Vernon Kisling seconded and the minutes were approved as distributed.

Member Comments

Carol Kem made the following announcements: ACRL and ALA elections are upcoming. She highlighted UF candidates and the Officer slates for the organizations. The next ACRL conference will be in March 2009 in Seattle. Proposals for presentations are due May 12, 2008. It will be highly competitive.

Chair's Report

Joe Aufmuth reported on the formation of the Reorganization Committee. There are two meetings scheduled for this week. The first will be February 19, 2008 in Library East at 1:00PM. While it is an advertised meeting, this is not a committee that must operate in the sunshine environment and they will be conducting committee business if others wish to be observers. Joe had distributed a schedule of events that would need to occur for the proposal to be presented at the April Senate meeting. While the charge of the committee does not dictate a deadline, the committee will work to meet the Senate timetable if possible. Joe will be attending the Reorganization meeting representing the Assembly.

Suzanne Brown expressed concern that not all of the faculty members of the committee are tenured. It was felt that it was important to have a faculty senator on the committee and Patrick Reakes agreed to serve.

Joe Aufmuth reported that there will be some changed proposed for the bylaws. Joe expressed a need for a Smathers Libraries Assembly to focus on Smathers -centric concerns as the Health Science Library faculty Assembly meets to discuss Health Center Library issues. He suggested that the broader Library Faculty Assembly might meet less often perhaps quarterly.

Michele Tennant expressed concern about the HSC Library faculty members' roles in any vote that is taken on a Smathers reorganization proposal. Abstention or absenteeism may not be possible. It was agree that the HSCL faculty role in any votes must be clarified by the UF General Counsel.

Library Administration Updates


There was no report.


There was no report.


Beth Layton reported that Wallace McLendon's first day will be March 3. The next UFLFA meeting will be Monday March 17 at the HSC Library. She invited UFLFA members to come at 2:30 - 30 minutes prior to the meeting - have an opportunity to meet the new HSC Library Director.

Senate Update

Michele Tennant reported that the next Senate meeting will be this Thursday, February 20. President Machen will be addressing the Senate. The agenda of the meeting is posted on the Senate website There are 4 information items including membership revision proposal to the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites Committee, Proposal to Sunset Master of Health Science in Physical Therapy (MHS) Process Graduate Degree Program, Constitution Committee's Review of Proposed Regulations and General Education Committee Gordon Rule Proposal. There is one action item form the Constitution Committee

Cathy Martyniak reported that the regulation changes that will be considered include a revision that eliminates the requirement that courses taken by employees must be "job related".

LFA Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

Carol Kem reported that a call for Nominations will be going out tomorrow ( Tuesday February 19) The deadline will be 5 PM February 29. They are seeking nominations for Chair-Elect of the Library Faculty Assembly ( 3 year term), Secretary of the LFA and Positions on the Nominating Committee for Technical Service and Public service representatives. Both are 3 year terms. Elections will be held at the April LFA meeting.

They are also seeking Nominations for the open Senate position. There will be a call for nominations from the floor at the March 17 LFA meeting.

Cathy Martyniak asked about the Senate apportionment. The understanding is that this 2008 election will be for an open seat since Ed Hart from the Legal Information Center holds an ongoing seat term.

Vernon Kisling reported that there will be 3 changes to the LFA bylaws or standing rules which will be presented at the March meeting as information items so that they can be voted on in April. As a newly suggested change, the representation of Smathers as a subgroup of Library Faculty Assembly needs to be discussed (send your comments to Vernon Kisling), along with the Faculty Senate seat apportionment among the Libraries (Smathers, Health, and Law).Carol Kem review the historical discussion of the formation of the Library Faculty Assembly in regards to forming a separate Smathers Assembly.

There will be a discussion of Tenure Home at a March 29 meeting of the Libraries' T&P Committee and the LFA Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee, as well as the Smathers tenured librarians. Michele Tennant asked about the participation of HSCL librarians and how the LFA APT committee related to the discussion. If the conversation is solely about faculty tenure homes and the Smathers reorganization, then HSC librarians do not need to attend. If the discussion is broader than the reorganization, HSC librarians need to be included.

Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee

No report.

Strategic Planning Committee

No report.

Ombudsman Committee

Still needs an additional member.

LFA Officer Reports

There were no LFA officer reports from Chair Elect, Past Chair or Secretary.

Old Business

Betsy Simpson asked about the Market Equity Committee. There had been a committee report made to LFA in May 2007 that included a recommendation to form another committee. Nothing has been done since. It would be an unfunded mandate. It was agreed that we don't need funds to have a review of the needs. If the Libraries had the information, it would be useful to go into discussions. Suzanne Brown encouraged moving forward to gather data. The Faculty Senate salary proposal will be made in April. In the past the problem had been the requirement of using ARL data. Two years ago the Senate approved forming a Senate Standing Committee on Compensation. The formation of that committee is now going forward.

Brian Keith reported that on Friday, February 15, Dean Russell; had asked for information related to salaries and she would like to go forward with looking at market equity and internal equity.

Given this information, Joe will move forward in this area.

There was no New Business.


Carol Kem announced that the next meeting of the Association of Academic Women would be at the Reitz Union Wednesday, February 20. The topic is "Gender Data".

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM.

Next meeting is March 17, 2008; 3:00pm

Location: Health Science Center Library, Room C3-72

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