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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - June 16, 2008: 9:30am

Library East, Room 1A

Joe Aufmuth called the meeting to order at 9:35 AM.

The agenda was approved as distributed.

Health, and Law Libraries Administration Updates


Wallace McLendon reported that negotiation about a coffee shop in/ adjacent to the HSC Libraries has restarted with Aramark and Starbucks. There are two proposals being discussed: a coffee shop alone and a coffee shop and bookstore. This would involve renovation of the HSCL. Starbucks would be interested in beginning construction in April or May 2009.


Ed Hart reported that the reorganization of the Legal information Center has gone into effect. Kathie Price is teaching in South Africa this semester. Rick Donnelly is attending a conference outside the US and Jean Bostwick has returned to work after a short absence.

Iona Malanchuck noted that there will be a new Baby Gator opening in August/September 2008 in the Health Science Center. Another is scheduled to open at the O'Connell Center in the future.

Smathers Administration Update

Judy Russell reported that Smathers Libraries will close June 20 to redo the floors, they are working on the arrangements for the Marston renovations and the AFA Library is in preparation for their move to begin June 23rd.

  • Standardized administrative stipends
    A handout reviewing the proposed Stipends for Smathers Libraries was distributed. Judy reported that the methods that have been in place for stipends were confusing, not transparent or consistent. They were looking for a method that was logical, easy to understand and easy to apply. In looking for a new method, they reviewed several models especially one from UC Irvine which looked at the number of people employed in a department as well as the salaries of the people in the department, and the size of the unit. The new model proposes 4 levels of stipends for Chairs which range from $4,000 to $16,000. Library Administration will be meeting with librarians and University Human Resources to resolve inequities greater that the proposed stipends. It has been determined that stipends should/will not be used to address salary inequities. The variety of degrees and years of experience are not stipend factors, but may be compensation issues. The proposal for stipends for Smathers has been shared with the Legal Information Center and the Health in case they want to pursue stipends.
  • Market equity analysis
    There are 2 reasons that this need to be done:
    1. a requirement of the university for a procedure to be in place if one person wants to have a salary analysis made.
    2. Library Administration wants to review market equity and compensation for faculty like they had done earlier for staff so that implementation could be done when money becomes available.
    The Health Science Center Library and Legal Information Center are interested in participating. A joint Library Faculty Assembly/ Library Administration Committee was recommended that would include Kim Schares from UF's Human Resources Department and Brian Keith from Smathers and Faculty Union representation. Dean Russell requested that the Library Faculty Assembly appoint a committee.
  • Reorganization status
    Dean Russell recounted the Library reorganization activity to date and reported that information on the website would be updated on Tuesday, June 17. Patrick Reakes responsibilities will change effective June 27, Rich Bennett's will take effect in July. The Technology support services have not been reorganized. The Access Support Unit will be reporting to Bill Covey. . The IT reorg will be posted this week. (IT specialist will go into Systems but they will not be physically moving people at this time).
  • Open Searches
    • The Grants position has 3 interviewed candidates.
    • The Associate Dean search has been posted. Search Committee members include Jimmie Lundgren, Winston Harris, Wallace McLendon, Jana Ronan and Patrick Reakes is the Chair.
    • The HR position has closed and will be scheduling phone interviews for 3 candidates.
    • The Marston Library search closes June 30, 2008.
    • The Judaica position vacancy announcement has been reviewed.
    Bill Covey and Michele Crump will continue in their roles until after the Associate Dean is hired. At this time, tenure homes are not being included in the reorg with the exception that Tara Cataldo, Chair of the Marston Library will have a tenure vote by Marston this week. Dean Russell is waiting on a recommendation from the LFA regarding tenure homes.
  • CSUL Meeting
    Dean Russell gave a report of the CSUL meeting which included:
    1. Review of the storage facility (Dean Russell had delivered a letter to the Board of Governors requesting an expedited bill for the facility),
    2. A change in FCLA status under the Board of Governors. (There is a need to recharge the committees and reassert CSUL responsibility for allocation of money and priorities)
    3. An assessment of the holdings of Florida Newspapers throughout the state will be conducted.
    4. High priority will be given to supporting self-directed borrowing.
    5. Loading of CRL records by FCLA into Endeca
    6. Single bibliographic record report is coming back.
    7. The new Liaison from the Board of Governors participated in the 2-day CSUL meeting.
    8. Funding - The legislature is releasing 24% of the funds per quarter. Provost Glover is not asking for additional cuts.

Joe Aufmuth reported that Brian Keith would be the Chair of the Market Equity Committee. He asked for approval of the Faculty Assembly for the LFA Chair, Chair- elect and New Chair- elect ( Joe Aufmuth, Vernon Kisling and Christopher Vallandingham) be approved to review and select people to serve as LFA representative on the Committee. The motion was made, Chelsea Dinsmore seconded and the motion carried. The membership will be representative of all groups including tenured, union, Health and Law. Dean Russell and Joe Aufmuth will charge the committee.

Travel Committee membership will be looked at as well due to the ending of some member's terms.

Chelsea Dinsmore moved that Christopher, Vernon and Joe review the Assembly membership and move forward with appointments. Patrick Reakes seconded and the motion carried.

Joe Aufmuth reiterated that the tenure home discussions will occur after the reorganization.

Old Business

Faculty Recognition Award - Betsy Simpson reported on the activity related to Dean Russell's request that the Smather's Employee Recognition Committee look at the establishment of a Librarian Instructor of the Year award. Betsy has consulted with Jana Ronan of the Library's Instruction Committee. Betsy suggested that the Assembly work with the Library's Instruction Committee over the next year.

The Assembly was reminded that the Smathers Library Excellence Awards will be conferred at the August convocation. Nominations of Smathers employees are being solicited.

New Business

July meeting will be a planning meeting for LF Assembly Officers, LF Assembly Committee Chairs & Library Senators. Vernon Kisling announced that the meeting will be held Monday July 21 in Room 429 of Library West. Vernon Kisling will send an announcement of the time.

August meeting will be first meeting of the new academic year. It will be the meeting at which the new Assembly officers and committee members take office.

Meeting dates and times for next year - comments and discussion: Vernon Kisling requested input on the schedule of Assembly meetings for 2008-2009. The date of the third of every month and the time had been agreed upon and has been in practice for three years according to Cathy Martyniak. Naomi Young pointed out that the attendance for this morning meeting was better than the afternoon meetings had been. Jimmie Lundgren favored meetings earlier than 3:00 PM. Naomi Young and Linda Butson reminded the Assembly that librarians at the Borland Library in Jacksonville, a branch of the Health Sciences Center Libraries have not been able to participate in Assemble meetings. Teleconferencing - video and /or audio is needed in order to include them in the Faculty Assembly meetings. Marston Science Library Room 107 will not be available for the next 6 months once their renovations begin. It will remain the practice to have meetings at the Legal Information Center and the Health Science Center Libraries as well as Smathers.

There was a suggestion that meetings held in the morning and the afternoon and that a schedule be developed and communicated. It was suggested that the schedule be posted on Outlook calendars. Amy Buhler and Jana Ronan suggested that a survey of librarians be conducted to include those people who were not attending the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 AM.

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