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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - October 20, 2008: 10:00am

Health Science Center Library, Room C2-33

The University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly met October 20, 2008 in the Health Science Center Library, Room C2-33. Vernon Kisling called the meeting to order at 10:04 AM

Approval of Agenda

Peter Bushnell moved that the agenda be approved as distributed. Patrick Reakes seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings

Patrick Reakes moved that the minutes of the September 15, 2008 LFA meeting be approved as published on the web. Rae Jesano seconded and the motion carried.

There were no member's comments.

Chair's Report

LFA Webmaster

Vernon Kisling reported that Carrie Newsom, who has been the webmaster for the Assembly, will be leaving at the end of the December. A new webmaster will be needed and volunteers should contact Vernon if they are interested. Amy Buhler volunteered later in the meeting.

Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee Charge

Vernon reviewed the history of the resolution to change the T&P Committee to the Appointment Tenure and Promotion Committee. This was not a viable alternative due to comments from library directors and the T&P committee so he is proposing a new name: Career Development Committee and other changes. He reviewed the proposed revisions to the Bylaws and the standing rules. ( This committee would supplement Tenure and Promotion Committee, Have a membership of 4-6 person with 2 ex officio members. Responsibilities would include the Career Development Handbook and tenure support functions.

Rich Bennett suggested that the responsibilities section include that the conformance to the UFF contract be included in addition to the university rules.

Stephanie Haas moved that the charge with the inclusion of conforming to the UFF contract be approved. Jimmie Lundgren seconded and the motion carried.

Administration Updates

Legal Information Center

Christopher Vallandingham reported that Kathie Price is in China for 10 days. The LIC's new electronic Services Coordinator will start in November. Jessica Whitman will be teaching Ancillary Research as the Law school's first distance learning course beginning next summer. Is a 2 credit courses primarily for Law students who are clerking in law firms.


Wallace McLendon reported that the Collaborations Center is a success. There is a camera overlooking it and the view can be access via the web. The HSCL has had a 30% increase in people using the library (door count). A fifth Collaboration station has been added on the second floor and it is available for people to reserve its use through Circulation. He reported that the Library Renovation negotiations with Starbucks and the University Bookstore have be halted since those two parties were unable to assist the Library with relocation expenses for the HSCL operations currently occupying the space. All the HSC Colleges except Medicine report to the Provost. There has been discussion with the Provost and the Vice President of Health Affairs regarding the reporting structure of the Health Science Center Library. Wallace and Judith Russell are early in the discussion and exploration. A report will be submitted to the Provost and the VPHA. Judith Russell reported that this was a subject of discussion when she came to UF.


Judith Russell reported that there will be a representative of the Libraries, Marilyn Ochoa, on the E-Learning Imitative Taskforce. Librarians will be involved in each of the courses in the Provost?s initiative as they are developed in an effort to take the library to where the students are. There will also be a library presence in the new learning courseware.

Judith reported that as of September 30, the Smathers endowments have lost $1 million. There are additional losses in October. The losses will not affect the spendable income for this year, but it will affect the revenue generated by the3 investments. Income expectations will need to be lowered.

Rae Jesano had attended the Course Management System review committee and reported that there was considerable positive interest in linking to the Libraries services and resources within the CMS.

Senate / Senate-UF Committees Update

Patrick Reakes reported on the September UF Faculty Senate meeting. Frank Bova reported on a trip to Ohio State where they had learned how OSU handles the budget process. Machen announced that he had received notification that the governor wants him to prepare next year's 2009-2010 budget, including a 10% cut from this year as a starting point budget planning. Jill Varnes, Athletic-Faculty liaison, gave a report on the Athletic scholarship at UF. Cathy Martiniak presented several rewording changes to the UF constitution. Dr Kathy Long, reported on the Faculty Enhancement Opportunity, a 3- year pilot project of $2 million /year for 3 years. This is new and does not replace sabbatical funds. Funds will come from the President and units. All units should be able to participate. The first awards will be made for Spring Semester. Tara Cataldo reported that this must go through collective bargaining unit for in unit faculty to take advantage. There were also discussion on changes department program in the College of Medicine and votes on reorganization in Jacksonville.

Naomi Young reported on the Budget Council. They have been asked to identify the guiding principles for future budget cuts. They have not made a statement about layoffs or terminations. Substantial cuts at the university cannot avoid personnel since the University?s budge is heavily personnel. The Council is recommending that cuts be vertical rather than horizontal; that programs and revenues be considered rather that across the board cuts. Faculty who have idea should send comments to Naomi. She will provide links to the Ohio documents and budget cut proposals. Implementing the OSU model would change the way the libraries receive money.;

Committee Reports

Assembly Standing Committees

There were no reports from the Standing Committees of the Library Faculty Assembly.

Special/Joint Committees
Joint Committee on Tenure Homes

Joe Aufmuth reported that the committee which focuses on Smathers has met twice. They are looking at the size of tenure home and developing straw polls to identify preferred directions. Negotiation is occurring with existing Tenure homes for possible changes (consolidation). The committee is shooting for Nov 14 as a polling deadline.

Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis

Betsy Simpson announced that the meeting of the Market Equity Committee will be November 10 from 3-4 PM in Library West Room 429.

Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria Special Committee

Stephanie Haas presented the final draft report of the Non-Tenure Faculty Promotion Criteria Special Committee. It is on the Faculty Governance web page ( The committee particularly looked at positions within the bargaining unit but recommendations may be of use to Law, Health and FCLA. The criteria were aligned to the faculty promotion and tenure criteria and ask for distinction in criteria 1 and strongly achieves in one of the other 2 criteria. There is a key change in the voting procedure which had not been required previously. The recommendation is that the people who are in the ranks at or higher than the person going up for promotion would be the people who vote and participate in the discussion on promotion. The definition of department is a concern and needs discussion. Tenure home for these people will affect their association and implementation of these policies. Letters of recommendation would be solicited and may come from internal rather than external sources. Numerous new process and criteria requirements have been included in this draft.

Stephanie suggested that he report be reviewed by everyone especially the criteria. Comments should be directed to her. She hoped that this could be voted on at the November meeting.

LFA Officer Reports

There were no Officer reports.


Judith Russell reported that an agreement has been made with the UFF bargaining unit and that merit increase w for in-unity faculty can go forward. It is expected that the increase will be retroactive to September 19. Brian had received a forwarded email from Academic Personnel which did not specify whether merit criteria were required.

Old Business

There was no Old Business.

New Business

There was no New Business.


The Library Faculty Assembly was adjourned at 10:50 AM.

The next meeting of the Library Faculty Assembly will be Monday, November 17, 2008 at 3:00 PM in Library East.

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