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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - Feb 16, 2009: 10:00am

Library West Room 1A

The University of Florida Libraries Faculty Assembly met Monday, February 16, 2009 in the Library West Room 1A. Vernon Kisling called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.

Approval of Agenda

Flo Turcotte moved that the standard agenda for the Assembly be approved. Betsy Simpson seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings

Anne Lindell moved that the minutes of the January 12, 2009 LFA Meeting be approved with a correction of Rich Bennett’s first name in the Career Development portion of the minutes.  The motion seconded by Betsy Simpson and the minutes were approved.

Member’s Comments

There were no member comments.

Chair's Report

Vernon Kisling did not have a Chair’s report.

Administration Updates


Christopher Vallandingham reported that Jessica de Perio Wittman will be teaching the Law School’s first distance learning class “Advanced Legal Research” during the summer semester, while most of the students are enrolled in clerkships. This is expected to be a model for future classes.  In the fall the class will be ‘lectures with lab modules’ approach to accommodate a larger number of students.


There was no report from Health.

Vernon Kisling stated that the HSCL/ Smathers Integration Work Groups are continuing to meet and will be meeting with Judith Russell and Wallace McLendon on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.


Dean Judith Russell reported that there will be a Smathers Libraries Town Hall Meeting on the Budget Thursday in Library East. This is preparation for submitting the Libraries’ budget to Provost Glover on March 4. The March Faculty Senate meeting is expected to be Dr. Machen presenting an initial University Budget. The final extent of cuts required will not be known until after the Legislature’s session ends in May.

Dean Russell reported that the funding for the storage facility is not as much as hoped for 2009-2010. Where they had expected 1 million for this year, the libraries will receive $ 386,000 for planning. For 2010-2011, it is expected to be $1 million. The PECO allocations are less than expected this year. A request to get the storage facility back on its original schedule is expected from the SUS Provosts. A final PECO budget is expected to be discussed on March 17.

Discussions regarding the HSC Libraries’ integration are occurring this week, as Vernon stated. Dean Russell expects that some preliminary topics will be presented in the next two weeks.

The University Libraries Committee (ULC) passed a resolution supporting the full funding of the Libraries. Dr. Bova, Chair of the Faculty Senate, recommended that the ULC Chair post the resolution on the Faculty Senate’s Blog.

Senate / Senate-UF Committees Update

Naomi Young reported that the Libraries Tenure Home proposal had been approved at the January Faculty Senate meeting. The HSC Libraries/ Smathers Libraries integration was mentioned, and it was reported that the HSCL will remain its own tenure home.

The primary agenda item for Thursday’s Senate meeting which is expected to be the University Budget. Naomi asked the librarians to review the Faculty Senate’s blog on budget.  It is the first item on the Faculty Senate’s website  ( ).

Naomi will be attending the  University Budget Council meeting today where they will be looking at the guiding principles statement  and reviewing the  Resource ( or Responsibility) Center Management (RCM) budget process which UF will be following.   Naomi reported that in the Budget Council meetings there has been verbal support for libraries.

Betsy Simpson asked what the effective date for the change in tenure homes is.  Judith Russell said that Brian Keith will be making an announcement.

Naomi also mentioned that a process for the reorganization and merger of departments is beginning to be discussed.

There were no additional reports from librarians who sit on Senate Committees or UF Committees.

Committee Reports from Assembly Standing Committees

Strategic Planning Committee

Vernon Kisling reported that Jim Cusick and the Strategic Planning Committee have received the survey on the progress of Shared Governance. The SP committee will distribute it to faculty who will collect information for the Libraries and the Senate. 

Nominating Committee

Joe Aufmuth reported that the committee’s work is progressing.
Vernon Kisling reported that this year’s elections will use electronic voting.  Vernon and Joe will be the administrators. For senators, there will be multiple candidates as required for elections. For Faculty Assembly officers, nominees may run unopposed.

Career Development Committee (New / Members appointed)

Rich Bennett reported that links to Smathers Libraries recruitment policy have been added to the Career Development Handbook. (CDH) The Tenure and Promotions timeline has also been updated.
Members of the T& P Committee will be elected in the spring each year.  Promotion criteria for non-tenured personnel have begun to the integrated; a link to the most recent documents has been added to the CDH. The committee is still working to incorporate the changes in the evaluation and review section that were required by the UFF. 

Wording used in the evaluation statements is being worked on to incorporate changes adopted by the Library Council in 2004. When working on the documents some of the adopted wording had been overlaid when being put in html. The CDH committee is working to restore the language and provide clarification if needed before the evaluation process begins.

The question about “distinction” and what is meant was raised.  Rich reminded the LFA that the definition of distinction was made in 2005 and had been documented.  

As the Committee work is ready, Rich will communicate information to the Librarians list to assure it is received by all.

Special/Joint Committees

Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis

Betsy Simpson, Chair reported that the committee continues to meet and is beginning to write its draft proposal. The Committee wants to have a special library faculty meeting to discuss the proposal report on March 16, 2009 prior to the next Faculty Assembly meeting that same day.  Judith Russell suggested looking at the 2:00- 3:00 time slot to enable Law and HSCL faculty to make one trip up the hill rather than two.  Betsy Simpson will check on space availability and send a formal announcement of place and time.

LFA Officer Reports

There were no reports from the Chair-Elect or the Past Chair.

Secretary, Linda Butson, reported that as of February 13, the Health Sciences Center Libraries’ faculty list has been included in the new Librarians distribution list group email. This new email distribution list replaces the “Libans” group email for communication with all library faculty.

There was no Old Business.

There was no New Business.


The meeting adjourned at 10:38 AM.

Next UFLFA meeting

The next UFLFA meeting will be at Library East Room 1A on March16, 2009 at 3:00 PM.

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