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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - August 17, 2009: 10:00am

Smathers 1A  

Approval of Agenda

It was moved by Linda Butson that the agenda be approved. The motion was seconded and passed.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings

Vernon Kisling moved that the minutes be approved; that motion was seconded and passed.

Chair's Report

Chair Christopher Vallandingham began the meeting by discussing revisions of the default agenda structure to allow greater opportunity for focusing on specific items of business. He requests a minimum 10-day lead time before meetings for questions directed to administrators, so that they have time to prepare responses. We then discussed a time and location for the September and October meetings that would take into account the Senate meeting schedule and Open Access Week activities. Accordingly, the September meeting will be Tuesday the 29th, and the October meeting will be Monday the 19th.

The Chair then discussed the important roles the Budget and Strategic Planning Committees will have this year, and that a Constitution Task Force be formed to draft a Constitution for the LFA. The members showed general support for this plan, although no vote was taken. We also discussed various ways to use social networking to further faculty interaction and increase awareness of each other’s scholarly activities. [Since our meeting, a University of Florida Library Faculty Facebook Group has been established.]

Administration Updates


Edward Hart reported that the Legal Information Center faculty held a retreat at which they discussed succession planning because of forthcoming key retirements, including their Director. There will be an accreditation visit in February. The LIC is considering a name change back to Law Library as the name “Legal Information Center” leads many callers to expect legal referral and counseling services, rather than library services.


Wallace McLendon reported that the Health Science Center Libraries have been in communication with one of their accrediting bodies, and have had some difficulties with it. Recent vacancies in the HSCL will not be filled as they were, and reorganization will result. As a part of the Libraries’ strategic planning process, and using stimulus money, new faculty positions have been proposed. Wallace McLendon has met with the new Vice President for Health Affairs, who is a strong library supporter. The HSCL is moving to a single service desk for circulation and research assistance.


Judy Russell reported that a program review has been requested from all deans by the Provost. [The report for the Libraries may be found at] She has also been involved in a discussion of student needs for study and research space and resources. CIRCA labs have empty seats, yet our laptops have circulated over 60,000 in the last year. Access to a computer alone does not seem to be enough. What do we offer in the libraries that draws students in large numbers?

Because of reorganizations and potential stimulus funds, the Libraries would like to create and fill the following positions:

  • Bioinformatics Librarian
  • Numerical Data Librarian
  • Clinical Librarian
  • Consumer Health Librarian
  • Exhibits Coordinator
  • Scholarly Communication Librarian

Senate / Senate-UF Committees Update

There was no Senate report, as Senate business had not begun for the year.

Committee Reports from Assembly Standing Committees

Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis

As part of the work of the Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis, department heads will be surveyed to match their faculty positions to the ARL categories for analysis.

LFA Officer Reports

Chair-Elect - There was no report.

Past Chair-- There was no report.

Secretary - There was no report

There was no Old Business.

There was no New Business.


The UFLFA meeting was adjourned.


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