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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - November 16, 2009: 10:00am

Smathers 1A  

Approval of Agenda & Minutes

The Agenda for the November meeting and the minutes for the October meeting were approved as submitted.

Chair's Report

The Chair is seeking volunteers for several projects, including comprehensive committee lists, the construction of a faculty directory, and a redesign of the Assembly Web site.  The January meeting will focus on the Library budget process.

Administration Updates


Christopher announced that Jessica de Perio Wittman will be leaving the library. There will be two reference vacancies. Rick Donnelly has announced his retirement in March 2011. The American Bar Association will be making an accreditation visit in February.


Wallace has met with the President of Shands and anticipates improved collaboration between Shands and the Libraries. Interviews for positions related to the VIVO grant have begun.


There was no administration report from Smathers.

Senate Report

If there are no further budget cuts, there may be money for raises. There are five major searches underway at UF at this time.

Discussion of Shared Governance

Assembly members discussed the role of shared governance in the Libraries. The current leadership situation in the Legal Information Center is one instance in which shared governance may not be optimal.

The role of faculty in the strategic planning process was discussed. Can the faculty generate the mission and goals for the Libraries, or must these come from the Administration? There was some discussion about  the role of the Assembly’s Strategic Planning Committee. Can they be charged with creating goals for the library, or only the Assembly? No action plan was created.


The UFLFA meeting was adjourned.


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