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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Minutes - January 25, 2010: 10:00am

Smathers 1A  

Approval of Agenda & Minutes

The Agenda for the January meeting and the minutes for the November meeting were approved as submitted.

Chair's Report


Administration Updates


Christopher Vallandingham reported that Kathie Price has returned to work from her sabbatical during the American Bar Association accreditation visit. A Distance Education Librarian is being hired; search committees for other vacancies have not yet been formed. Patricia Morgan was recently hired. The LIC is investigating a model in which a pool of research assistants will be hired by the LIC and their time billed back to Law faculty for assistance.


Dean Russell reported the status of plans to relocate the IT, Cataloging & Metadata, and Acquisitions & Licensing departments. The renovation of Newell Hall has been sent out for bids. The BOG has informed us that any plan for the Shared Storage Facility should have sufficient growth space that it will be 7-10 years before any additional funds for expansion or renovation are needed. The RCM budget model begins in July, but this year is an “experimental year’ and may lead to modifications.

Senate Report

In spite of the budget prospects, Dr. Machen says that increases in compensation are not out of the question. There are many opportunities for faculty members to serve on University-level committees. Every month, the Senate has moved to a different structured discussion topic. These topics are mailed to all faculty in advance. Please consider participation.

Open Access Issues

There will be an open access town meeting in February.


Dean Russell provided an overview of the draft budget proposal for the Libraries to be given to the Provost. This proposed budget includes a remedy for lost purchasing power (as requested by the Provost’s office). For the Health Science Center Libraries, the budget includes funds to make up for lost tuition revenue, and to fill gaps in base funding. Some HSCL continuing budget lines have been funded out of nonrecurring funds. Future budgets will increase as a percentage toward a target budget amount, similar to the tuition increases that will be phased in over several years. The Libraries are also seeking a fixed percentage of DSR funds.

When asked about market equity salary increases, Dean Russell said they were possible if there is no salary recall (which there may be if the budget situation remains dire). Salaries for new positions have been established at the Associate Librarian level.

LFA Budget Committee

Joe Aufmuth reported that the committee will study the budget processes in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and in the College of Engineering to see how shared governance principles and faculty input have been applied in their colleges. The College of Engineering is establishing its own RCM committee.

Journal Club

John Nemmers reported that the Journal Club organizing group as it has existed is disbanding. He asked the LFA to consider whether they would like to take responsibility for "rebooting" Journal Club.

Mentorship Program

Rich Bennett reported several changes to the mentorship program. Participants in the mentorship program will be surveyed, not necessarily annually, to assess their satisfaction with the mentorship program. Evaluating the mentorship assignment will become part of the annual faculty evaluation process. It will no longer be necessary to sign a new mentorship agreement annually.


The UFLFA meeting was adjourned.

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