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November 28, 2001


Members Present:   Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Pam Cenzer, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Lei Lani Freund, David Fuller, Ann Lindell, Richard Phillips, Alice Primack, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner

Members Absent:  Helen Armstrong, Jana Ronan, Robert Singerman, Carl Van Ness
  1. Status of Library West Addition Planning - C Turner
    • Two committees assigned for architect selection for the addition to Library West. One committee is comprised of Dale Canelas, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Steve Shorb, and Carol Turner. The other committee is comprised of heads from all the units that will be housed in Library West.
    • The first phase of selection process is complete. Committees have reviewed all the initial proposals, including background information submitted by the architectural firms and building construction firms, assigned points to each and narrowed the pool to five architectural firms and three building construction firms. These proposals are available in Carol’s office if anyone would like to review them.
    • The five architectural firms will give presentations on October 1st and the building construction firms on October 4th. Each firm will be asked to address a variety of predetermined questions by the committees. Carol believes they will be providing some general designs at these presentations. The committees will assign points and then rank each firm. Cameras will be at the presentations. A final decision is expected by the end of next week.
    • When will we find out where the new building would be built? Carol assumes that the winning architect will recommend the location once the firm has performed an evaluation of the ground.
    • Committee has recommended that Documents be consolidated. Many more recommendations have been made but have not been addressed. Dale has recommended materials to be moved to Library West that the committee didn’t recommend.
    • Dale has started plans for a new storage facility per the Provost. No money has been secured for this project.

  2. Report from the SUS PSPC Meeting - C. Turner
    1. Closing the DLLI Reference & Referral Center
    2. 24/7 Reference
    3. Rosetta
      • Three-person SUS committee along with Barbara Hood that has been working on what Rosetta will look like.
      • They put together three ideas and took them to the SUS directors. SUS liked them a lot.
      • Some question on whether Rosetta will be only like WEB LUIS or will it be more. ROSETTA should encompass what WEB LUIS did and also include SUS Digital Library and other services from SUS.
      • SUS committee and Barbara Hood not responsible for developing conceptually what will be included in ROSETTA. It was asked who will be developing that aspect of ROSETTA.
      • Carol commended Barbara Hood for all her hard work.
      • Working towards a target date of Summer 2002 for implementation.

  3. Moving the 900s – Gary Cornwell reported that the contracted book moves were completed very effectively and ahead of schedule. The 900s are now in Smathers compact shelving along with the paged collection, and shifts have been made on the 3d, 4th, and 6th floors of Library West. He hopes there is adequate growth space in West until the new addition is available. Materials in Smathers compact can be requested and paged at all hours Library West is open. A staff member is available in Smathers during limited hours this summer and most service hours in the fall to retrieve or allow patrons to browse and then circulate materials. FCLA is changing the location for the 900s slowly, and all records will be corrected in about two weeks. Gary noted that the next shifting project will be the move of identified low use periodicals to LAD.

  4. Tracking New Materials , Changes in Procedures – PSSC met with Phek Su and Daniel Cromwell last week to discuss tracking new materials that are charged to Resource Services and that have not been discharged by the time they become “overdue.” As a result of that meeting, the circulation period is being changed from 3 weeks to 5 weeks. The overdue notices for the materials are being distributed to the shelving units by Marston staff. (Please let Carol Drum know if they should be addressed to a specific individual.) Access Services staff will send notices (along with daily operations reports) to the shelving location for any of these items that reach “bill” status.

  5. Organizational Planning Status – Carol Turner reported that the next step in the process is a series of “visioning” sessions being held June 7 and 8. She said these sessions, focusing on the library vision, will be a positive contribution to the process as well as a lot of fun. She encouraged staff to sign up with Steve Shorb and participate.

  6. Searches Status Report – Carol Turner Interviews have been scheduled for AFA Assistant Librarian on June 5 and June 7, for Education Librarian on June 22 and July 13, and for one candidate for H&SS reference librarian on June 6. She encouraged members of PSC and their staff to participate in the interviews. Interviews are also being held for East Asian Cataloger and Chair of Collection Management.

  7. Reports and Announcements

    Robena Cornwell reported that the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is available via Quick Links.

    Carol Drum announced that the print American Men and Women of Science is no longer being issued. The site license for a tape vesion is $12,000 (vs $1,000 for print).

    Rich Bennett reported that because of a credit we now have temporary access to almost all titles in Science Direct. We don’t know how fast the credits will be used and, therefore, how long we’ll have access. This could be very helpful to ILL for borrowing requests and can be used by reference staff with patrons looking for information in these journals. Because of the temporary nature of access, it isn’t wise to promote use through links or even printed messages.

    Ann Lindell suggested an alternative approach to the suggestion the dissertation advisors be included in the author field of the catalog record. She suggested that they be in a searchable note field. The group prefers this approach. Carol Turner will report this to Jimmie Lundgren.

    LeiLani Freund reported that Xerox printing is now up on the NT server. One glitch with the new arrangement is that it is necessary to clear print cues (this was formerly done automatically). Xerox has said they’ll fix this. Xerox staff will be on campus tomorrow. Please let LeiLani know of any problems.

    HelenJane Armstrong reported that the color copier is heavily used and asked about the possibility of another. Ann Lindell concurred that use is also heavy at AFA. Barbara Oliver will be informed of this request and use statistics will be checked.

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