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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

IV.1. Evaluation Timeline

Faculty member submits evaluation materials to supervisor Other evaluative reviews (if any) obtained Supervisor submits draft letter of evaluation for review by 2nd level supervisor Supervisor provides faculty member with proposed written Evaluation Supervisor and faculty member meet to discuss the evaluation
Faculty member may submit response to evaluation Complete evaluation packet due to HR
Packet includes:

-Annual Evaluation coversheet

-Annual Activity Report

-Progress on Goals

-Draft Goals for coming year

-Draft Annual Assignment

Any other written reviews, such as from peers, students or other university officials who have responsibility for supervision of the faculty member’s work, must be submitted to the immediate supervisor for inclusion in the evaluation letter Supervisor’s draft evaluation letter sent to 2nd level supervisor for review and approval before being provided to the employee

Supervisor provides employee with:

-proposed written evaluation

-copy of annual report and annual assignment for year being evaluated.

-copy of all other written reviews (if any)
Supervisor and employee meet to discuss evaluation for previous year, as well as goals and assignments for coming year If desired, employee submits response to supervisor’s evaluation and any other reviews submitted

Complete and final evaluation packet submitted to HR including 2nd level supervisor signature on cover sheet

– Faculty member provided with copy by supervisor
By 3/15*
By 4/15*
By 4/15
By 5/1*
By 5/31
Within 10 business days of meeting with supervisor* By 6/30
  * Required by Collective Bargaining Agreement.
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