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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

II. C. 1 First Criterion:  Professional Responsibility and Working Relationships
Standard: Nominees must achieve distinction in this criterion.
The Tenure and Promotion Committee will look for evidence that the nominee has mastered their job, performs it effectively, and is committed to the University’s mission. The Libraries of the University of Florida believe that sound working relationships are integral to effective job performance. The highly interactive nature of research libraries and research institutions require that library faculty work successfully with a wide variety of staff in all areas of the Library, the University, and colleagues within the State, as well as with faculty and students.
Examples illustrating the four areas covered by the first criterion are as follows:

  1. Mastery of job responsibilities
    • Contributes services, products or comments that indicate an understanding of how assigned job responsibilities influence the goals of the University
    • Can articulate the library’s performance expectations and identify any deficiencies in performance
    • Manages time at work in a manner that implies understanding of library’s expectations of and priorities for performance in the position
    • Performs assigned and volunteered tasks with skill and professional commitment
    • Completes assignments within the parameters of the University’s and Library’s systems, programs, policies, and constituencies
    • Proposes or implements changes in policy, program or product that foster the University’s goals of research, service and education
    • Collaborates, seeks advice or consults with UF employees outside nominee’s designated unit to complete assignments
    • Exercises independent judgment commensurate with the nominee’s rank and position responsibilities
  • Effectiveness at fulfilling responsibilities
    • Regularly creates products or completes projects that result in increasing effectiveness of services or products
    • Creates projects, publications or reports that change practice or are cited or adopted by other libraries and librarians
    • Contributes significantly to internal or external grant activities
    • Responds to service requests with effective instruction
    • Produces quality cataloging to ensure resource access
    • Promotes collaboration at all levels: interdepartmental, interdivisional, institutional, and interagency
    • Shows initiative and creativity in improving service to users and in developing programs
  • Commitment to University, Libraries, research librarianship
    • Effectively plans or problem solves to develop new or improve services, products, projects or programs 
    • Contributes significantly to improving quality or efficiency of unit, department, Library or University performance in a manner that successfully supports mission of same
    • Develops and/or teaches relevant sessions in academic courses or credit courses or components of such a course
    • Consistently demonstrates integrity in dealing with the organization and with colleagues
    • Demonstrates accomplishment in including individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences, races, ethnicities, genders, and perspectives in research, teaching, service and other work.
  • Development of good working relationships
    • Treats others with understanding, dignity and respect and acknowledges team members’ contributions
    • Encourages colleagues to participate in decisions that affect the workplace and gives serious consideration to their suggestions when proffered
    • Shows respect for colleagues’ time and other commitments
    • Regularly volunteers when colleagues or unit require additional help
    • Responds promptly and thoroughly to requests and questions from internal and external customers
    • Communicates instructions, expectations, requests and suggestions with sufficient detail
    • Collaborates well and works toward consensus  with individuals, in teams and on committees



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