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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

I. Academic Ranks and Appointments for Library Faculty

The University of Florida Library faculty includes librarians holding positions that require the application of bibliographic theory, information technology, and/or librarianship principles to programs in collection management, bibliographic control, public service and access to information, and departmental management. Such positions may be found in the George A. Smathers Libraries, the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA), the Health Sciences Center Library, and the UF Legal Information Center. Initial assignment is based on an analysis of the requirements of the position as described by the supervisor and reviewed by the appropriate director. In addition to the tenure accruing ranks (Assistant Librarian, Associate Librarian and University Librarian) there are non-tenure accruing ranks: Assistant-In Libraries and Associate-In Libraries that may require the terminal degree in library and information science or other appropriate degrees.

Although directors typically meet the requirements for library faculty appointments, their positions are primarily administrative and are non-tenure earning. Individuals in these positions have assignments and responsibilities for library wide programs that support Public Services, Technical Services, Collection Management, Support Services, Human Resources, Budget, etc. However, individuals holding these administrative assignments may also have librarian responsibilities that should normally not exceed 0.25 FTE.

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