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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

I. B. 1. Tenure Track Appointments

The rank to which a librarian is initially appointed is dependent upon qualifications and work experience. As a general rule,

  • Appointment to the Assistant University Librarian rank is based on the librarian's potential for achieving tenure
  • Appointment to the Associate University Librarian rank is based on solid achievement
  • Appointment to the University Librarian rank is based on national recognition

Although librarians are not normally hired with tenure, appointments at the University Librarian rank may be tenure granted at the initial appointment. Faculty members at the University of Florida may be considered for tenure "when ready." This gives the faculty member the option of applying for tenure when they have developed the skills and achievement required for conferral of tenure. Search committees and supervisors apply the tenure and promotion criteria to the qualifications of candidates for library positions to ensure that appointments are made at appropriate ranks.



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