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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

I. B. 2. Time-Limited Appointments

Faculty are designated as “provisional” when they do not have the qualifications for an academic position but are expected to acquire the qualifications in a short period of time. The appointment is generally no longer than a year, does not carry eligibility for tenure/permanents status during the duration of the appointment and implies no continuing contractual relationship with the University. Time accrued in a provisional position may count toward tenure/permanent status if the faculty member moves to a tenure accruing position.

  • Visiting Library Faculty
    Faculty are designated as “visiting” when there is a need for a qualified person for a limited period of time. It is a non-tenure accruing title. Time accrued in a visiting position may count toward tenure eligibility if the faculty member moves to a tenure accruing position. Faculty may remain in a visiting position for a maximum of four years.

  • Special Project Appointments
    The Library often receives funding from grants and other external sources to perform a specific project. When that is the case, librarians may be employed for varying lengths of time with visiting status until the project is completed or funding is withdrawn.

  • "Acting" Appointments
    Librarians may be asked to take an ‘acting appointment.’ These appointments typically involve a temporary assignment to an administrative role as the result of a vacancy or leave of absence. Acting appointments are for a limited time period agreed upon by the Dean and the librarian.


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