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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook
Table of Contents


  1. Academic Ranks and Appointments for Library Faculty
    1. Academic Ranks
      1. Library Faculty Ranks
      2. Non-Tenure Accruing Professional Ranks
    2. Appointments
      1. Tenure Track Appointments
      2. Time-Limited Appointments
    3. Recruitment

  2. Tenure and/or Promotion
    1. Tenure Definition and Description
    2. Tenure and Promotion Timelines
    3. Criteria for Tenure and/or Promotion
      1. First Criterion
      2. Second Criterion
      3. Third Criterion
    4. Tenure/Promotion Guidelines
      1. For Library Faculty and Supervisors
      2. For the Tenure and Promotion Committee
        1. Criterion Worksheets: One | Two | Three
        2. Comparison of Librarian Rank Descriptions
    5. Promotion for Non-Tenure Track Faculty
    6. Sample Letter for Tenure and/or Promotion
    7. Midterm Review for Tenure- Accruing Faculty
    8. Post-Tenure Reviews
      1. Sustained Performance Evaluation for University and Associate University Library Faculty
      2. Librarian Emeritus Status Guidelines
  3. Faculty Salaries
    1. Distribution of Salaries
    2. Market Equity Reviews
    3. Salary Pay Plan for University Librarians ; Salary Pay Plan for Professors (SSP) Award
  4. Evaluation and Annual Review
    1. Annual Evaluation
      1. Evaluation Timeline
      2. Annual Performance Evaluations
      3. Sample Annual Performance Evaluation Letter
      4. Annual Assignments with Goals
        1. Annual Assignment Outline
        2. Annual Assignment Example
      5. Annual Activity Reports
  5. Professional Development Program
    1. Research and Creative Works
      1. Policy and Procedures
    2. Development Leave/Sabbatical Programs
      1. Application Information
      2. Professional Development/Sabbatical Leave Application Form (On Academic Affairs Site)
      3. Application Evaluation Form (For Committee Members)
    3. Mentoring Program

VI Forms

    1. Semester Faculty Assignment Report Form AA-001 and Instructions (On Academic Affairs Site)
      1. Library Instructions
    2. Librarian Annual Evaluation Cover Sheet
    3. Annual Activity Report Form 
    4. Vita Format
    5. Research Proposal Form
    6. Professional Development/Sabbatical Leave Application Form (On Academic Affairs Site)
    7. Professional Development/Sabbatical Leave Application Evaluation Form
    8. 2011-2012 Tenure & Promotion Application Template (MS Word)



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