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ALADN: Academic Library Advancement and Development Network

  How To Join

ALADN is an inclusive library fundraising community of peers. Formal membership is not required. Communications and conference announcements are publicized electronically via the ALADN Web and the Libdev listserv.

Information about ALADN's electronic discussion list LIBDEV

Membership in this organization is open to professionals involved in development and advancement (e.g., development officers, special collections librarians, library administrators) for academic and research libraries in North America. The ALADN structure is semi-informal, with three standing committees

  Upcoming Conference

San Diego, California
April 18-21, 2015

  Job Postings


We now have a job postings page for ALADN opportunities.


  About ALADN


Some 65 representatives from academic and research libraries from the United States and Canada attended the "More than Books: Building a Network of Academic and Research Library Development Officers" Conference hosted by the University of New Mexico Libraries held March 15-17, 1995. Organized by the University of New Mexico, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University, this meeting was designed to explore issues of interest to professionals in the area of library development. By overwhelming consensus, the group decided to form a continental network, the Academic Library Advancement and Development Network. Known as ALADN, the group is designed to offer networking and mutual problem-solving for professionals involved in advancement and development for academic and research libraries through annual conference, electronic listserv participation (LIBDEV sponsored by ALADN), and personal contacts.

  How to reach us

Information about ALADN's electronic discussion list LIBDEV

  Misty Swain
Development Office
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
535 Library West
PO Box 117000
Gainesville, FL  32611-70001

  Past Conferences
2014 May 18-21 Kansas City
2013 May 19-22 Pittsburgh, PA
2012 May 20-23 Vancouver, BC, Canada
2011 May 16-19 Flagstaff, AZ
2010 March 20-24 Santa Monica, CA
2009 April 26-29 Williamsburg, VA
2008 June 1 - 4 Austin, TX
2007 May 18-21 Banff, Alberta, Canada
2006 March 27-30 Las Vegas, NV
2005 March 6-9 New Orleans, LA
2004 March 27-29 Miami, FL
2003 March 23-26 Tucson, AZ
2002 March 17-20 San Antonio, TX
2001 April 1-4 Washington, DC
2000 April 2-5 Pacific Grove, CA
1999 March 7-10 Kansas City, MO
1998 March 8-11 Athens, GA
1997 March 4-7 Island of Kaua'i, HI
1996 March 6-8 Irvine, CA