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LinkToffler, Alvin.
LinkFuture shock / by Alvin Toffler.
Toronto ; New York : Bantam, 1971, c1970.
561 p. ; 18 cm.
Reprint. Originally published: New York: Random House, c1970.
Bibliography: p. 522-540.
0553206265 (pbk.)
0553246496 (pbk. : cover)
LinkSocial history -- 1945-
LinkSocial change.
LinkCivilization, Modern -- 1950-
LinkSocial Change
SANTA FE CC/MAIN/CIRCULATION Click for information about this library.  HN17.5 .T64 1971  Availability 
UF LIBRARY WEST Click for information about this library. HN17.5 .T64 1971  Availability 
MDCC/KENDALL/CIRCULATION Click for information about this library. HM 101 T571 1971  Availability 
UCF General Collection Click for information about this library. HN17.5 .T64 1971  Availability 

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Full Record View -- Text from the Report
  1. Screen Elements
    The Full Record begins with a clear indication at the top that it is the “Full Record” that is currently displayed to the user. Options for putting the record in the basket (for batching and later saving/emailing), saving/emailing the record immediately, and printing are provided. Navigational aids are provided next using icons allowing users to return to the results list, go the next record or return to the previous record. It was determined that including a link to the results list along with the next and previous icons was desirable since the eye is already there ready to navigate. The Results List link should also appear persistently in the Header, but this is addressed later in this report. Navigation icons used in the illustration provided in Appendix D are for demonstration purposes only. As with the I-Ball, it would be most beneficial for all institutions to adopt similar or identical icons in this area for the sake of continuity.

    The fields included in Appendix D mockup represent a fairly simple single-volume monograph. Author, Title, Published, Format, Description, Notes, ISBN, and Subject are shown. Unlike the entries on the Results List, the Author, Title and Subject are hot-linked fields that would execute searches when clicked.

    NOTE: As mentioned in the Results List section above, no lengthy discussion concerning precisely what fields should appear for all formats of material (book, serial, music, etc.) was felt to be necessary at this time. As implementation of the GUC nears, those decisions can be made based on decisions already made for the separate OPACS that will have been in use.

    After the fields, navigation elements are presented again. The user is then presented with options to link to other views of the same record. MARC Tags is the only alternate view option illustrated; when viewing “MARC Tags”, clicking “Standard” would bring the user to the original Full Record. NOTE: Other views are available in ALEPH but were not deemed necessary for inclusion at this time by the Task Force. This may be an area that merits further discussion once a working GUC is available for testing and experience with the separate catalogs has been gained.

    Instructions shown in Appendix D at the bottom of the Full Record screen may or may not be necessary depending on whether the ultimate union catalog design has locations provided right on the Full Record (as illustrated) or on a separate screen. The illustration provides an example of how instructions could be included. A future Task Force should decide if this element is needed after experimenting with a working version of the GUC.

  2. Other Issues
    As discussed in the Results List section of this report, the Task Force cannot yet firmly recommend how locations or URLs should be displayed since not enough is known about the GUC system architecture at this time. Locations may be presented on the full record as illustrated in Appendix D or a link to locations may substituted for the list. Whichever option is more feasible for the union catalog, an I-Ball link to local library information (currently a feature in ALEPH OPACS) should be provided. If URLs are involved, I-Ball help should also be drafted explaining the possible need for a username and password to access said resources.