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Procedural information for material being transferred from IBC


  • Bibs
    • Verify that the record matches
    • Most of the bibs I have looked at still have UF as the OWN code, so change to PUBLIC.
    • Overlay the bib with the most recent version of the record in OCLC.
    • Check the 797 is present (Patsy found one record that lacked the 797).
    • The 797 with IBC in it is protected, so don’t worry about it when overlaying.
    • Double check call number in class web (unless it is the same as the call number of a copy we already have in the catalog). I found a couple that were either simply wrong or were obsolete.
  • Holdings
    • Location is always UFSWE/GEN, unless there is a slip or something with a different location
    • Add year to call number if absent
    • Many of these are copies to existing records, so use |t and copy number
    • If there is a Dewey call number on the holdings, reclass to LC and add the call number to the bib if not present
    • Check that the virtual bookplate (856) is present. No need to actually open it in a new tab.
    • Be sure to change the 1st indicator 1 to 0 if original call number was Dewey
    • If you encounter a serial or a record that only has storage as a location, let me know and we can look at it together.
  • Items
    • Change Item Status from 91 to 01
    • Change IPS from blank to PP, BS, etc, depending on what’s appropriate. A few books won’t even need a new call number label.
    • Check call number if a label is needed (most do need labels)
  • Physical processing
    • Do not remove the physical bookplate in back of the front cover of most books
    • Cross out all IBC stamps small and large with a pencil
    • These books can go on the regular processing shelves; although, they don’t need to be tattle-taped. I leave it up to Judy if she wants to process them separately. Judy can you let us know?
  • Stats
    • For the most part you will not count the IBC material as newly cataloged
    • If the holdings had a Dewey call number that you replaced with an LC call number, count this as a reclass via the CopyCatStats
    • If the holdings already had an LC call number, then we count the book as a transfer using the DBM stats.
      • You can access the DBM stats through “other” on the stats main menu. Look for DBMCatStats.
      • Choose transfer, always to West (default)
      • Indicate the number of items
    • If you are both reclassing the IBC book and transferring it, then run both of the stats for reclass and transfer in any order
    Lastly, I have had 2 books that were not in the catalog at all, nor were their holdings updated in OCLC. In this case, you would just treat them as new titles like any other new book. Do not use the transfer stat in this case, just the regular CopyCatStats for new books.

Prepared by: Doug Smith
Last updated: July 23, 2010


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