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Maintenance of Serial Records

The biggest difference between serials and other materials is this: Serial records need maintenance. Our agreement with CONSER requires us to "maintain CONSER records as [we] become aware of the need." Any record maintenance we perform -- locking and replacing an existing record on OCLC -- counts toward our 400-record committment.

What types of maintenance are we required to do on CONSER records?

The general principle to remember is that any change that affects access to the record or other serials functions (such as arriving, claiming, or binding) is worthwhile for maintenance. All authority work should be checked when performing other maintenance.

The information above is adapted from CONSER Editing Guide, B.4; please feel free to refer to it for details and examples.


Maintenance of Serial Records

Maintenance of Serial Records

Prepared by: Naomi Young

Updated: October 12, 2005

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