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It appears that if you Edit/View a Holdings record from your Holdings List, the original list disappears when you open to view or edit and you have to do the search again. Here are alternate ways of viewing multiple Holdings records.

Basic principle: whenever you can display the Holdings List-in whatever module you are in, you should be able to display and view them all in some fashion. Here are a few possible scenarios. These are based on the

Search and the Cataloging Modules.

NOTE: You always have to select and display record in Full view to navigate to other records.

Option 1. From the Searching Module. This may be the simplest method.

Search and display your title and push into Navigation Map

View Holdings records from the tree on the Navigation Map by clicking on the one you want. The Navigation

Map functions most like LUIS's Copy Holdings Screen or F5.

Option 2. From Holdings List.

Search a title in Cataloging Module and open Holdings List. You have a title with 3 locations with a Holdings record each.

Press Shift, click on each Holdings record to select or use the down arrow

Press Edit

All three Holdings records will open up automatically on top of the Bibliographic record, with the last Holdings record in the List as the upper one

Open your Windows menu and select Cascade-you will now see all four screens (1 Bibliographic and 3 Holdings) in a cascade display allowing you to select and view whichever one you want by clicking on the title bar or viewing and closing. See screen shot on next page.

You can also select Tile horizontal or vertical and view them with scrollable but smaller screens, sized to fit your desktop.

Option 3. From Item List via Cataloging Module

You can also view Holdings record from the Item List. If you have your Bibliographic record open in Cataloging

Module, click Open Items Record icon on tool bar (green book with pink pencil or use File Menu/Open Item Record)

On Item List of Record, select "Retrieve HOL." And follow instructions in Option 1 to Cascade or Tile records to view.

Option 3. With Item List Open, click on the folder for the Bibliographic record in the tree of the Navigation Map for the title, which is displayed along with the Item List, and then select and view the Holdings records attached in the screen to the right. This Navigation Map will open up automatically every time you open an Item record.

Option 4. A more direct way to get to the Item List/Nav Map is to search in the Item Module

Select Item Module from Application Tool Bar. Do a browse search for title

Select and display title Full-instead of the Bibliographic record, you will now get the Item Record

You can click on tree and open Holdings records to view each in screen on right. See screen on next page.

Indexed: Holdings and Items-Viewing Multiple Holdings Records
                Holdings and Items-Viewing Multiple Holdings Records

Prepared by: Tatiana Barr, Gerald Langford
Last revised: September 14, 2004

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