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DLC/PCC Print Cataloging


Copy created by the Library of Congress (DLC) and institutions participating in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) is generally considered to be of high quality. For this reason, DLC and PCC material is handled as expeditiously as possible. The only caveat to this statement would be the recently implemented UKM copy cataloging program through PCC. In the 042, you will see UKM as part of the code and also see UKM in the 040. These records are not generally of the same quality as other PCC records and should be checked under the guidelines for member copy, not under these guidelines/procedures.

  1) Criteria for DLC/ PCC Cataloging Material

  2) Procedure for Verification/Cataloging

  3) Authority Work 

 4) Item and Holding Record Creation, Barcode Placement, Call Number Proofing

  5) When you have multiple copies of the same book


  6) Post Cataloging Procedure

Indexed:Copy Cataloging - DLC/PCC Material

                 DLC/PCC Cataloging Procedures

                 Library of Congress Copy Cataloging           

Prepared by:Doug Smith

Updated: March 9, 2011

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