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Using the "Correct Display" Button

The "Correct Display" button appears in the Search module in the row of buttons on the right when a browse index is displaying.

The title "ECOLOGY OF SEEDS" in the index below is not displaying correctly.

The title


The title should display in lower case and begin with "The".

Display of title in bib record


Highlight the title to be corrected and click on the "Correct Display" button.  A "Correct Heading's Display Text" box will appear.

View of box that appears after clicking on


In the top right-hand box, correct the display text.  An initial article and any space that follows should both be enclosed in square brackets.  Leave no spaces after "$$a" or around any square brackets.

View of the corrections made within the display correction dialog box


Click on the "Correct" button.  The system will populate the "Normalized Text" and "Key" boxes on the right.

View of dialog box after clicking on


Click on the "Update" button.  The dialog box will disappear and the browse index will display with the corrected entry as the second entry on the screen.

View of browse index after clicking on


Indexed: Using the "Correct Display" button

Prepared by: Gerald Langford

Updated: February 17, 2007

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