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NOTIS/OCLC/RLIN/MARC21 Bibliographic Record Fixed Field Equivalents


A/MAT AccM AMC 008/Music 24-29 Accompanying Matter
BIOG Biog BIO 008/Books 34 Biography
BL BLvl BLT Leader 07 (2nd position) Bibliographic Level
BME Prime   Obsolete-do not use Prime Meridian (last character in BME)
BME Proj PRJ 008/Maps 22-23 Projection (first 2 characters in BME)
CF/TYP File TMDF 008/Computer Files 26 Type of Computer File
CM/TYP CrTp GRP 008/Maps 25 Type of Cartographic Material
CONF Conf CPI 008/Books 29 Conference Publication
      008/Continuing Resources 29  
CONT Cont CON 008/Books 24-27 Nature of Contents
    IS, CNC 008/Continuing Resources 24, 25-27  
DCF Desc DCF Leader 18 Descriptive Cataloging Form
D/CODE DtSt PC 008/06 Type of Date/Publication Status
DT/1 Dates PD 008/07-10 Date 1
DT/2 Dates PD 008/11-14 Date 2
E/L ELvl EL Leader 17 Encoding Level
F/COMP Comp FCP 008/Music 18-19 Form of Composition
FEST Fest FSI 008/Books 30 Festschrift
FREQ Freq FRQ 008/Continuing Resources 18 Frequency
GOVT GPub GPC 008/Books 28 Government Publication
      008/Computer Files 28  
      008/Maps 28  
      008/Continuing Resources 28  
      008/Visual Materials 28  
ILLUS Ills ILC 008/Books 18-21 Illustrations
INDX Indx II 008/Books 31 Index
      008/Maps 31  
ISDS ISSN ISDS 008/Continuing Resources 20 ISSN Center
LANG Lang L 008/35-37 Language Code
L/FORM LitF FIC 008/Books 33 Literary Form
L/TEXT LTxt LIT 008/Music 30-31 Literary Text for Sound Recordings
MED Orig PHY 008/Continuing Resources 22 Form of Original Item
MOD MRec MOD 008/38 Modified Record Code
OA Alph ALPH 008/Continuing Resources 33 Original Alphabet or Script of Title
PLACE Ctry CP 008/15-17 Country of Publication, etc.
R/TIME Time RUN 008/Visual Materials 18-20 Running Time
REG Regl REG 008/Continuing Resources 19 Regularity
RELIEF Relf RLF 008/Maps 18-21 Relief
REPRO Form REP 008/Books 23 Form of Item
      008/Maps 29  
      008/Music 23  
      008/Continuing Resources 23  
      008/Visual Materials 29  
      008/Mixed Materials 23  
RT Type BLT Leader 06 (1st position) Type of Record
SCORE FMus SCO 008/Music 20 Format of Music
SLE S/L SL 008/Continuing Resources 34 Successive/Latest Entry
SP/FORM SpFm FMT 008/Maps 33-34 Special Format Characteristics
SRC Srce CSC 008/39 Cataloging Source Code
S/T SrTp TYP 008/Continuing Resources 21 Type of Continuing Resource
STAT Rec stat MS Leader 05 Record Status
T/AUD Audn INT 008/Books 22 Target Audience
      008/Computer Files 22  
      008/Music 22  
      008/Visual Materials 22  
T/C Ctrl TOC Leader 08 Type of Control
TECH Tech TEQ 008/Visual Materials 34 Technique
T/MAT TMat TYPE 008/Visual Materials 33 Type of Material


Valid Values
D  display in LUIS index (default) 
S  suppress from LUIS index
Record creation date; 
system supplied
Derived or manually created records; actual creation date 
Records from OCLC: date records were output from OCLC (e.g., exported or output by OCLC to a file)
MARC format; 
system supplies
A  Authorities 
B  Books 
D  Computer files 
F  Visual materials 
H  Holdings Data 
M  Music 
P  Maps 
S  Continuing Resources 
U  Mixed Material
Record revision date; 
system supplied
Date the record was last updated

For more information about RLIN coding, see The RLIN MARC Record: Description and Interpretation.

Indexed: Bibliographic Record Fixed Field Equivalents
                Fixed Field Equivalents: Bibliographic Record
                NOTIS/OCLC/RLIN/MARC21 Bibliographic Record Fixed Field Equivalents
                NOTIS/OCLC/RLIN/MARC21 Bibliographic Record Fixed Field Equivalents
                NOTIS/OCLC/RLIN/MARC21 Bibliographic Record Fixed Field Equivalents
                NOTIS/OCLC/RLIN/MARC21 Bibliographic Record Fixed Field Equivalents

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson and Mary Ann O'Daniel


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