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Cataloging Guideline for the

Florida History Liaison

Items selected by the Florida History Curator for special handling (materials requiring special physical handling, detailed subject analysis, etc.) are hand delivered in a special container by the Florida History Curator to the Florida History Original Cataloging Liaison; these items remain solely with the Liaison throughout their visit to Cataloging, unless it is determined, through consultation with the Curator and supervisors, that specific items require attention from the Rare Book Cataloger. 

Original catalog records are created for the materials according to established Original (FUG) Monograph Cataloging Guidelines: 


Special processing is determined by piece in hand as follows:

    • Barcodes are placed on bookplates located inside the front cover of books, or are placed on the upper left corner of acid-free boxes (or acid-free envelopes) containing fragile items.

    • Barcodes are NOT placed on newspapers; however, call numbers are written on the upper left corner of the second page.

    • Library of Congress call numbers are utilized for Florida History materials.

    • Since Florida History no longer uses identicards for call numbers, the Curator furnishes acid-free strips to the Liaison; call numbers are written on these acid-free strips which are then inserted in the item by the cataloger.  For the acid-free boxes or envelopes, the call number is written   under the barcode (see 3a).

    • Interior call numbers are penciled unobtrusively at the top of the copyright page or t.p. verso of items which are NOT in acid-free boxes or envelopes.

    • Florida History book jackets are always retained with their books. 

For conservation or binding: Items are returned to the Curator, NEVER sent to binding by the cataloger.

Items are NOT charged out.

When every item of the current delivery has been cataloged, the Liaison contacts the Florida History Curator who personally picks up the cataloged items for their return to the Florida History Collection.


Cataloging Guidelines for the Florida History Liaison

Cataloging Guidelines for the Florida History Liaison

Prepared by: Jackie Heiland

Created: July 19, 2001

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