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List of most commonly (and not so commonly) used macros (quick-keys) used in LUIS cataloging
Nickname Function explanation Macro instructions Suggested key assignment
533photo add 533 to photocopy record "533::Microfilm. |bAnn Arbor, Mich. :|cUniversity Microfilms International,|d1993 |e 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm."  
agricola agricola bibl field entries "072: 0:|a" Field-Mark "910:1 :$u6" Field-Mark "949::FU|i" Edit-Paste Control + a
authuf-lc changing uf partition to lc Home Right Right "lc" Enter  
chld create volume holdings screen with 866 volume field "chld" Enter Tab Tab Tab "4" Down "866:40:|60|av." Control + c
deri derive a record from lc to uf Home Right Right "uf" Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right " lc" Enter "deri" Enter  
hldgs add call no. to holdings screen w/ initial Tab "h" Tab Tab "jag" Tab "1L" Move-To-End "|b" Edit-Paste Control + h
itemr item record with barcode no. "cit 1" Enter Tab Down Down Down Down "3126207xxxxx" Control + i
itemrpb item record with barcode no. for piggyback barcodes "cit 1" Enter Tab Down Down Down Down "31262071133" Control + p
oclcbib add OCLC no. to bibl "035::(OCoLC)" Edit-Paste  
palmm530 adds 530 to LUIS record 530::Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Linking Florida's Natural Heritage Collection. Control + Shift + F1
palmm776 adds 776 field to LTQF to replace 010 and 035(OCoLC) 776::|cOriginal|w  Control + Shift + F2
palmmfips adds 651 fips field for coding 651: 4:|a             |z   12        |x FIPS Control + Shift + F3
palmm710 adds PALMM statement 710:2 :PALMM (Project) Control + Shift + F4
palmm533 adds 533 electronic reproduction note 533::|aElectronic reproduction.|b <Florida> :|cState University System of Florida, PALMM Project, |d2001.|nMode of Access: World Wide Control + Shift + F5
040 adds 040 field (FUG |c FUG) 040::FUG|cFUG Control + Shift + F6
electreso adds electronic |h statement in 245 |h<electronic resource> Control + Shift + F7
006/007 adds 006 & 007 to LUIS record 006m Field-Mark "007c" Pf11 Down Down Down Down Down Tab Tab Tab "ds" Tab "ran " Control + Shift + F8
043 adds 043 for Florida 043::n-us-fl Control + Shift + F10

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Prepared by: Jorge González , October 3, 2001

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